MayTech Vesc configuration

Hi, i just installed my new vesc and need to configure it. I have a 10s4p lion bat, with 190kv 6355 maytech vesc. does anyone knows how to reset everything? thanks

What you mean by reset everything?

You should update the firmware to avoid all possible previous bugs.

i was changing around some values and wanted to go to default mode again but i have found it already. abut firmware update, going t check it. :slight_smile: is currently temporary unavailable… thanks :wink:

There’s a button to read default values on the VESC.

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thanks. :slight_smile: is there any reason for the jam breaking? it happens sometimes, when i am starting to full brake at high speed… it stops to brake for breve moments and then it returns…

Its common at Maytech vescs,

thaaaaaaaaaaaanks. going to check it out!!