Maytech Vesc, intermittent booting up

Hi, my Vesc is now intermittent. Blue light on VESC when I opened up enclosure then no connection with Vesc Tool. Then randomly light changed to normal and remote worked.

So, now I have to turn the vesc on and off about 15 times for it to work correctly. What would cause this!!? I changed some parameters within the Vesc Tool (I was playing it safe before so was advised on here to change some parameters). I then took a ride for a few miles and it was pulling great and totally fine. Then next day, turned it on an nothing. Then I opened it up and took pics. The turned of and on a few times to try to connect to vesc tool and failed. Then randomly started working. Rode it for a further 8 miles totally fine. Now it takes 10-15 goes at powering on.

Any ideas!?

I got Vesc from in Italy.

Im in uk

Make sure the problem is not HW related so check connectors, BMS and battery than move on to the VESC because. it is easier to check connectors just unplug everything maybe check voltages and plug it back, see if it changes anything.

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what is you method of “On/Off”? -loop key -eswitch -plain ole plug and go ?

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Its an e-switch with built in anti-spark

soo when you go for a ride while this is going on…does it cut out on you?

EDIT; i kinda wanna say its a short somewhere. i know when i F up on an arduino wire up and try to connect via serial (usb) it doesn’t connect or power up. does the LED come on immediately then goes out right away?

you have multi-meter?

I have a multimeter but Ive not probed around yet. When it powers on eventually, its fine! No cut outs or anything.

here is what i would do… test starting from battery… then eswitch…

if you have a fuse DBL check it is not 1/2 blown.

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I had an issue like yours once and it was due to a faulty receiver. The vesc would randomly cut out in split second intervals, and after a while it just broke. Maybe try a different pair and try running the motors using the vesc tool. I changed to an rc car remote and it went fine. :blue_car:

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as far as that avenue… this is all i can see that may or may not add clout. (the backside looks good)


being that having trouble connecting via serial usb i wouldn’t think so, but if you had another remote around its worth a shot.

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You rode with all that heatshrink still on?!

You should NEVER ride with heatshrink. First thing I did when preparing for the first ride was removing any and all heatshrink. You probably cooked something in the process. The vesc needs all the air it can get. Leaving it encased in heatshrink only guarantees disaster. Just my 2c.

It seems I’m the only one rocking maytech vescs without any major problems for a year around here.


Yeah, Ive been riding with heatshrink on. Ive never seen anything mentioned about removing it but Ill take it off as you suggest. I’ve studdied the results from the Metr app after the last few rides and the Vesc did get up to 78 deg when going up a long steep hill. I then swapped back to 90mm (from 100mm MBS) to see if it’d take the strain away. It did, so Ive currently got a 42T in the post to replace my 36T so there will be more torque and less heat.

Possibly Ive cooked something but I cant understand why it’ll work sometimes and not others. I’ll get a closer look this evening.

If it’s an intermittent issue, try flexing the PCB and see if the VESC starts responding again. It may be a bad solder joint.

Is anything heating up when the VESC is not responsive?

It seems to me you fried the drv. Try typing faults in the console(?) tab and see if it returns anything. You also may or may not have shorted motor phase leads. At this point I would just get a new vesc or replace the drv.

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This may be the excuse ive been waiting for to buy the FocBox.

Im almost 100% sure that its a loose connection and that the VESC is fine. I’ve discovered that when I turn on the board with wheels on floor, its fine everytime. When I turn it on with board on its back, it fails to boot. Must be something loose thats stopping it from booting up (yet still gives it power to the led).

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Then check your connectors for anything suspicious, cold solder joints for example.

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Yeah, Id have done it already but I cant get the bolts off the enclosure lol Im afraid of rounding them out so Ive just ordered fresh new torx socket set. Too much of the old thread lock :wink:

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Soo… any updates?

Still waiting on Torx socket set. The weather is snow joke!

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Most people have the heat shrink on, me included. No issue. First time I heard a recommendation to remove it.


Well I’d rather be safe than sorry. There is a reason I’ve had no problems whatsoever with my maytechs…