Maytech vesc stats


I have two maytech vesc’s and wonder how my bldc settings should look like. Can anyone show his settings to me?

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depends of your motor and battery.

when using maytech firmware, check for the current ramp step bug


Motor kv 170 Battery 12s6p lg hg2 (20A discharge per cell)

need to know which motor aka, specification. not only the kv number, thats only the tip of the iceberg.

as long for the battery:

battery max: 100A should do fine battery min (regen): approx. 20 amps (overall)

1 or 2 or 3 or 4 vescs?

dude with this information no one can help you right now.

First video Uses new program second one Is the old classic BLDC tool It Is hard to explain how to set It up if you don’t understand the words etc I highly recommend you watch one of the videos linked.


From my experience maytech vesc is only suitable for max 30A battery max on each vesc. When I went above 30A battery max I got random drv faults on heavy accelerations. Same issue with 3 maytech vescs

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100a on maytech vesc?

“Poof” :joy:

more like track


I’m sorry I was in school :sweat_smile:

This motors

Two vesc’s

Do you still use the maytech vesc?

yes i do. But as i said i only use batterymax 30A on each vesc. So total 60A battery max on my dual setup. (Same as raptor 2 setting). Had not had any issues when i lowered the batterymax to 30A.

I have orderd x2 Focboxes i will use once the maytech fails…if they fail.

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Afaik the vesc regulate the current by it self, I was using 60 amps on a maytech VESC and it worked without any issues

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Battery max 60A or Motor max? With hard accelerations?

Battery max

Lucky you.

3 vesc from maytech all the same issue. Bad luck for me.

The fancy new ones or the older version? I’ve read good threads regarding doc and 12d from the newer batch with the label on the caps_emphasized text_

you said 100a

Like @Acidfie said I have my Maytech VESC limited to 60A Battery current and it’s worked great for me. I was also running my hubs at to high a voltage so they where drawing like 40A each at full throttle and it worked fine, with some added small heatsinks to the MOSFET’s.