Maytech Vescs and Turnigy 6374 19KV: Use 10s5p in FOC or 12s4p in BLDC?

Hey guys, in a few days my Samsung 30q batteries will arrive, and originally I had planned on running a 12s4p setup in BLDC mode with Maytech Vescs, but over the past two days I’ve seen a handful of videos talking about the benefits of driving the motors in FOC mode. I know that 12s is a bit too risky to drive in FOC mode since a lot of people end up with damaged Vescs, and was wondering if it was worth restructuring my setup to be a 10s5p arrangement even though 192kv motors are optimized for a 12s setup at a max of 8600 rpm.


Don’t run the maytech vescs in FOC. I believe other vescs can handle 12s but not the maytech ones. Checkout this thread: