Maytech's new remote. anyone try it yet?

looks really nice and has a bunch of nice things going on but most important to me I wonder how well can it modulate brakes and throttle?

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I’m going to get some samples, I will post a feedback about it.

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I got one from @psychotiller to try out but haven’t installed it yet. Maybe I’ll do that tonite and let u know.

looks like a steez? Curious on details - BT or 2.4 or … ?

Riding in the city a lot of interference, so i love the GT2b for frequency hopping, but not always the prettiest handheld. I have a baby buffalo enclosure to try next for GF who likes thumb throttle better.

I need one of these new Maytech remotes @psychotiller. Could I buy one from you?

Yup! They are on my website.

Awesome! Thanks @psychotiller. I recently bought a raptor v1 w/ a Winning remote, but the remote is too damn touchy. I definitely like the option of 2 speed settings in the new Maytech remote, so I won’t have to eat pavement anymore. I just ordered

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