MBS 8” (200mm) Tires & Carbon GT

I ride a Carbon GT. I recently installed the MBS 8” Street tires onto the Evolve AT hubs. The speed and endurance was remarkably improved. I would like to use motor guards so I can stand the board on the motor end without fear of damaging the motors. The Board Bumpers motor guards rub on the tires. I will try stacking more washers on the axle next. I wanted to see if anyone ran into any problems doing that first. Any advice would be appreciated.

How did you fit those hubs on those trucks? Are they MB’s hubs or evolve?

They are Evolve hubs. I also put tire liners inside the tires, which I recommend if you are going off road. I have only ridden 65 miles with these MBS tires and I already have a slow leak in one tire. I am in the Arizona desert however. Cactus everywhere. With that said, I really like these tires. The better performance all around has won me over.

I have used multiseal with much success with stopping slow leaks

The tires fit the evolve hubs? I thought the hubs only support 7 inch tires

And also how did you install the light on the front?

The 8” tires fit the Evolve hubs but you need to get the 8” tubes as well. The light is mounted on a light mount that I made with a steel tube and flat steel stock. It bolts to the underside between the board and the front trucks. The holes align with the holes in the trucks.

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Could I trouble you for the links to tires and tubes and maybe a close up shot of the tire hub combo! Looks great man! Also, which liners do you use? I ride all of ATL and I am afraid of all the metal and glass debris.

What’s your top speed and range with those 8" tires?

No problem. I bought the tires and tubes from MBS.COM. My wheels are from EVOLVE Skateboard’s website. The wheels are standard Evolve AT wheels. The tire liners are just standard tire liners used on bicycle tires. I found them on Amazon.com. I cut them to length with scissors so they slightly overlap at the ends. The size I purchased was 20”x1.5”, as I recall. Here are some pictures. The only difference is my wheels are black not yellow. imageimageimageimageimage


My top speed with the 8” tires was slightly over 22 mph on several occasions (22.5, 22.9, 26.4) on relatively flat smooth streets. I even recorded one that said I hit 35.1 mph. I don’t believe that was accurate at all. That is what the app on my phone said after each ride. I don’t know if the app is accurate and I was too caught up with trying not to die that I forgot to look at my remote. I still had a little throttle left but I’m too chicken to push it.

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I don’t know the range on the 8” tires but I have gone on 14 mile commutes on numerous occasions with no problem.

How is the stability and braking with the 8" tires?


I just put MBS 200mm tyres on my Bamboo GT last night too, using 58T hub gear from board bumpers, and a 10S4P battery I hit 43km/h!!!

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Hey there! Was thinking of doing this too. Do you have any wheel rub? Also if there a definite improvement in range? Is the acceleration altered too?going to use here, it just makes it but extra height would help

Hi, no wheel rub, I haven’t checked the range yet, but the speed is improved by around 5Km/h. I took the board bumpers 58T gear off and went back to stock (66?) as the bearings collapsed in the 58T gear! Just bought a CGT so I’m about to build a 10S5P for her and transfer the 200mm wheels across for my fast, flat commutes on variable roads/paths etc. Acceleration seems only ever so slightly more sluggish.

Thanks for the advice! I used Freeboard bindings! It works great! https://youtu.be/90o48m67aYE