MBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels

100mm Green or black new or used shipped to dublin


Try Ride More, Serris outside Paris. I think they’re the Evolve importer. They did have some on the shelf when I was there a few weeks back.

eskating.eu sells them.

I sent that a email thanks

only on back order

got them in Ride more they where not cheap

they only have black

Yep I think they were €85. Cheaper than the abec 11s that I ended up buying though!

Got them for €100 shipped to Ireland

Did you ever use rollerblade wheels 100mm 80a just to let u know i have abec 97mm and i still say rollerblade wheels are smoother

I have not used them. That’s an interesting point. I’ve got the 97mm abec 11’s but not got them hooked up to any power yet.

Also less road vibrations in the ankles look out for 2nd hand rollerblades with 100mm wheels i got 8 wheels for €25,I find Dublin roads very bad with the abec 97mm my ankles are sore when i was useing blade wheels i was ok,

Sorry guys i was away till yesterday got home and wheels from ride on cane in there super

Thanks for all the help