MBS AT + Raptor Crossover = new kickstarter wheels lol



Up. some new stuff.

I’m so getting a set. Need to find a 44t pulley now :slight_smile: Also that flexible/modular enclosure looks damn fine.

First decent, realistic kickstarter campaign(almost a campaign) for an esk8 I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to them. 22mph on a 24V though?


I do like the look of the board… very uniform styling and color :slight_smile:

(dont mind my previous comment which i edited away, wasnt meant about this board :smiley: )

This is slick revolution’s newest board

Haha, maybe downhill. And crazy gearing ratio lol

Same here… I follow them on IG and they’re legit. They even have their decks made by a good local company.