MBS Atom95x, Dual 6374 TB Motors, TB Vescs, Street/AT Wheel Conversion F/S

Selling my Electric MBS Mountain Board. Sad to see it go, but I have more pressing projects to finish. Price is negotiable. You will get everything that is in the pictures. Complete board only. Not willing to part out.

-$1200 Obo

Build cost was over $1500 and it’s been moderately ridden since April 2018.

Please send message with any questions you might have.

The Basic info: TB 6374 190kv dual motors TB Dual VESC’s MBS Atom95x Deck 5000MAh 60c 12s Lipo Battery (2 6s Lipos in series) 8” Pneumatic Tires on MBS Rockstar II Hubs 72t/12t pulley set up w/ HTD 420 5m 15mm Belts And/or 100mm MBS All Terrain Wheels 36t/16t pulley set up w/ HTD 255/265/275 5m 15mm Belts

Top speed: 30 mph w/ 8” AT Tires 40 mph w/ 100mm street wheels

Total range: 7 Miles Max w/ 8” AT Tires @ 30wh/mile (very aggressive riding) 12 Miles Max w/ 100mm street wheels @ 22wh/mile (very aggressive riding)

Controlled with a modified nano remote.

Capable of being ridden on streets, off road, and extreme off road (through ruts, over rocks, in sand and the like)

Comes with 2 sets/ sizes of wheels and different size belts for different size wheels. As well as different size motor gears and extra gears. 2 sets 12 tooth and 1 set 16 tooth. I will also throw in an extra set of brand new bearings for the 100mm MBS All Terrain wheels.

Also comes with a dual lipo battery charger to charge your batteries.

I will also throw in some extra tubes for the pneumatic 200mm tires.

CAUTION: This is not a toy. This is a high speed vehicle that can be very dangerous if you are not an experienced rider. If purchased you assume all liability and risk for your experience.image image image image image image image image image image image image




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You have questions?? I have answers. Hit me up! Awesome ripper for sale!

Dude, do you live in OB??

Yes I do. 10 char

Hit me up maybe just ekain me [email protected]

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How did you fit the 100mbs wheels into those axel ? I’m trying to figure how to fit mines

To make them fit you need the right size bearings for the wheels and your truck’s axel. For my board, I have the MBS ATS trucks that have a 9.5mm axel. I went to www.MBS.com and they have a bearing that has an outer dimension of 22mm (that’s what fits in the MBS All Terrain wheel) and an inner dimension of 9.5mm and BOOM wheels fit.

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I see. I have the old style trucks 12mm

I don’t think it’s an old style, just another style. I don’t know who would make those bearings but you need 22mm outer dimension and 12mm inner dimension. Try googling it and see if you can find em!

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Looking for 4 hubs only. Do you sell?

Sorry but no I don’t have any extra hubs.