MBS ATS 12 Truck and All-Terrain Longboard Wheels


is there any possibility to mount MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels (Link) on MBS ATS 12 Mountainboard Skate Truck (Link)?

If yes, which motor mounts would you recommend me for such setup?

I am new in this and would like to start building my first eboard as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for help.

You cant mount the wheels to the trucks perfectly. I don’t know about the motor mounts tho, might have to diy them.

You would have to use some crazy bearings. Talk to @flywithgriff, he can prolly help you.

The bearings I have are for mounting MTB hubs to regular skate trucks.

@tux-scooby you simply need a set of 22x12x7 bearings. @Idea makes motor mounts for these trucks.

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Thank you all for answers :grin:

Do you have some recommendation for that set of 22x12x7 bearings?

Hopefully @Idea will see this post :slight_smile:

My play is to install single 6374 and skate like that and after some time install the second 6374.

A google search will literally produce hundreds of options. You can message @idea.

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I have seen :smiley:

I have one double motor mounts for MBS ATS in stock if you are interested Exactly that


I am totally interested!! Can you share more details on PM?

Yes of course

Hello idea. I was wondering if i could purchase a motor mount to fit the MBS ats.12 truck

@Ryan4181 Sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday. If you are still interested, I can do for you motor mounts for MBS ATS 12 You want a set with belts and pulleys?

Regards: Tom

I just spent a week working on MBS ATS trucks to make them fit caliber mounts. Got it all done and looks great. Unfortunately anything over 10mph is very unstable…wobbles & jumps. Might be able to decrease the wobble with better bushing but Im thinking its not a good fit for esk8.

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Maybe @duffman has some recommendations to make them more stable? He seemed to like the ATS trucks, IIRC.

I’ll check it out, I’m just kinda done with them for now :grinning:

ATS12 not suggested for electric mountainboard?

Grtz Frederic

I actually have a new set with new custom mounts that fit a lot better, I think they will be fine for a cruiser. Just gotta find time to finish them. Also have to finish the wheel pulleys.

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We will soon find out :smiley:

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How much for the ATS 12 motor mounts? Where are you located? What’s the lead time. Very interested.

Sorry to disturb you guys by waking up a dead thread… Newbie here, but I also understand you appreciate people using the search function rather than just creating a new thread.

Long story short, do anyone of you guys where to get those 22x12x7 bearings?

I’m considering an eboard with ATS 12 trucks with pnuematics, but I’d also think it be nice to be able to switch to longboard wheels as well.

Greetings from Gothenburg!

I didn’t find 22127 but found 22125 on https://www.vxb.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Kit20376&CartID=1 those are so expensive though. $12.95 EACH with 8 of them so 100 bucks just for bearings.