MBS ATS .12 Truck Custom Motor Mounts and Build!

Thats awesome just sold my colt 90 E to a buddy looks great man ill find a picture for you.20190409_210619 20190409_115649 20190321_115840 20190321_115834


it looks like those green mounts are 3d printed.

If so could you share the 3d model or stl? and since I’m asking already – how did you attach the green motor mounts to the truck?

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They are 3d printed prototypes the ones for sale will be carbon fiber. They have a keyway that matches the brake knotch on the truck and set screws to hold them in place. Ill be selling a motor mount kit aswell as full builds.


thanks for the Info! I’m into DIYing as much as possible, so I guess i need to play with my own 3d models more.

Any idea on how much you’d be charging for a set of mounts?

I designed some as well. They are pricey though, $60 each and thats not me making profit if I sold them.

20181112_232250 20190401_113516 20190107_124245


Nice they look great do you have any problems with them moving side to side under torque with no cross supports?

No issues at all, i even went down pretty hard durring the k1 speed races hosted by evolve. Board landed square on the mounts, no misalignment issues or anything of the sort. They are solid.

this build is incredible, what deck is that?


Thank you! I put a lot of hard work into designing it. The deck is a skateshred maple double drop deck that I skinned with carbon fiber on both sides using a vacuum bag technique to ensure even and consistent spread of the resin. Originally it was a prototype to prove my concept and eventually move to selling them. Unfortunately my partner bailed out on me for personal reasons and I won’t be able to bring it to market by myself. Money is tight after my initial investment and I lack the space to build them because I live on a sailboat. Not to mention the hit to my moral was pretty devastating so yeah… oh well atleast I got two sick DIY’s, lol


I thought your work was a commercial board, designed by a professional product manager. nice proportions on the grip too, commendable job.

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Thank you, that really means a lot to me and your words have helped encouraged me not to give up on a possible production model. I was able to fit my laser cutter, 3d printer and battery construction equipment on my boat so im not totally out of the game.

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Gotta wait for it to upload completely :slight_smile:

chill buddy lol its my website!

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do you mind removing the website bashing comments please

Would it be possible to get the 3d model of the AS.12 motor mount?

Does any one know where I can get a set of mounts for the ats12[

Did you find mounts?

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those trucks are shit get MBS or trampa then the BN AT drive $250 for dual.