MBS ATS .12 Truck Custom Motor Mounts and Build!

Would it be possible to get the 3d model of the AS.12 motor mount?

Does any one know where I can get a set of mounts for the ats12[

Did you find mounts?

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those trucks are shit get MBS or trampa then the BN AT drive $250 for dual.

BN AT drives?

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hello im new to this platform bus i designed a motor mount for the MBS ats.12 i printed it myself. it’s super easy to print but i was wondering what you guys thought of it.

it will be available on thingivers 2021-03-07T23:00:00Z


They look fantastic! Do you have link?

Looks like this is the one:

Hello guys it has been some time but i finisht the project it is a fully 3d printed mountainboard system that you can slap on you ats.12 truck (pls take this with a grain of salt) here are some pictures conect me if you’re interested

Those trucks lasted me a week until they were completely bent. I’m 200lbs, they used noodles instead of metal In Their cast

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the trucks that are on thingiverse are the first version … the trucks i use now are the 8th version and they are holding up pretty well

do you have a pic of how they bent? I actually would like to bend a pair on purpose so maybe I buy yours? lol

latest version