MBS Bindings first impression.. for those who really want to be one with their board

Quick first impression on MBS bindings and how it stacks up with trampa and freebord I know this is a bit of a fringe topic but I couldn’t find a indepth comparision on the forum so I am sharing my experience

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I had my doubts on bindings, the thought of being unable to bail scared the crap out of me but I’ve since fallen in love with them… of course I blame @okp for making those awesome videos of riding with bindings. (See them here https://www.instagram.com/ridewithokp/)

I have ridden freebord, trampa, and MBS bindings

Short Version For those who don’t like reading IMO if you ride with bindings all the time the F5 MBS bindings are a great upgrade and probably a worthy line item on your christmas list :slight_smile: I would take them over trampa and freebord.

Why ride with bindings?

  • You will have alot more control over your board with bindings.
  • You can lean harder, push harder without your foot lifting or the sensation of falling over. This allows you to execute tighter turns while still maintaining very tight trucks. This is very useful on mountain board builds like MBS and Trampa.
  • When you go over bumps or humps because your foot is strapped onto the board your foot is always in contact with the board and you won’t loose control.
  • Enables jumping, wheelie, tictacing to turn etc.

MBS Bindings

  • Very comfortable. The paddings are nice a soft and thick. I haven’t felt any pressure points like freebord.
  • Very good fit. Unlike trampa’s binding MBS bindings have 2 points of adjustment one on each side of the binding allowing you to get the fit just right for any shoe size foot shape. This means that it will hold your foot down snugly with little wiggle.
  • Ease of use is great. Trampa’s binding ratchet tends to stick when you really tighten them down making it hard to release. MBS’s ratchet’s release works like a charm even when tightened.
  • Price. These are pricey no doubt. The quality is there but they are still alot of money for a set of bindings.

MBS vs Tramps vs Freebord

  • VS Trampa - MBS pretty much out performs Trampa’s binding on everything except price. If you got the money to spare and are looking for a set of bindings, MBS in my opinion is a clear winner
  • VS Freebord - Aside from the fact that they are complete assholes to the ESK8 group I would actually not recommend freebord bindings for the following reasons - They don’t actually hold your foot down snugly (what a binding is suppose to do) - You can’t actually reliably bail from them especially if you run a build with a top mounted battery pack. TBH I rather have both foot stuck when I fall vs 1 foot still stuck and one foot free. You can probably wave your ankle bye bye if you get stuck in that scenario

Other Notes

  • Trampa’s drill pattern is compatible with MBS bindings
  • I have the heels straps but haven’t found the need to use them yet. The bindings themself have done a really good job. Perhaps when I start hopping around more they will see more use

I’m sure it helps, but I am really happy that my trampa bindings don’t force my feet in place. Been in a few hard crashes and the board always dislodged. If that weren’t the case, the weight of the board would have a serious impact on my knees. I know from snowboarding.

If I want grip and my feet locked in, I push them outward against the side of the binding. Also what you first learn when doing an Ollie, etc.


The MBS does the same thing if you don’t tighten it all the way. And ya I hear ya on the knees bit. With bindings… protective gear is a must. You fall less, but when you fall it probably is going to hurt more.

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I have triple 8 exoskin knee and elbow, as well as some compression slide shorts

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Got full armor, the issue is weight and momentum.

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