MBS Build Review

Hello all,

Can you please look over my parts list and tell me what I’ve overlooked?

Background: So far I’ve built a prototype street board and a Spud 29 is in process.

Context: Building a for-fun board (and possibly the occasional 13 mile commute). I live in the hills of SoCal and mountain bike trails will be what it sees 80% of the time. Hill climbing and off-road ruggability is a priority (dual motor is financially the limit rn)

Questions I have: Gearing? Going for belt drive, what should my ratio be? SK3 6374 149KV dual motors, 9" wheels on 5star (or Trispoke) MBS hubs. Yes I’ve used the calculator. I just have no clue if 25 ftlbs of torque is a lot or not.

Will 12s4p or 12s3p (30Q) be enough to stop my battery from being the bottleneck? or do 10s5p? This latter seems enticing since I’ve heard a lot about 12s risque.

I’ve got a Unity on pre-order, but it’s not due until the end of June. I can get an FSESC 6.6 and get away with it?

Heres the link:

Pic: image

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bump? 10char

I have the exact same motors and also MBS five star hubs, though I use 8" tires rather than 9". My gearing is 15:72 and that works well for me. I have enough torque and should be able to go near 50 km/h, though I never really do.

12s3p with 30Q will give you max 45A battery current. I occasionally get a little over 45A with 12S LiPos. It should be alright, but I’d go with 12s4p to be sure that the battery won’t be the bottleneck.

Maybe 10s5p to spare the electronics

Thanks guys, @janpom, what pullies do you use? ideas?

Also did you consider @idea full kit?

Its a shipping issue.

Yes. Here’s my build page. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/velcro-board-mbs-core-94-idea-ats-mounts-single-sk3-149kv-12s-lipo-escape/49909

Edit: The “single motor” is no longer true as you can see towards the end of the thread.

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