MBS colt 90 battery enclosure

Does anyone make a battery enclosure for the MBS colt 90?

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…you mean MBS Pro 90 ?

I mean this board. I already have it and have a battery box on the top but I want to swap to a bottom battery mount.

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Hey man, you’re the only other person on here I see using this deck! I’m finishing up my build and trying to find a good battery enclosure and stumbled over to this post. Can you share some insight/photos? What made you want to switch to bottom mount?

Hey, Yeah I just wanted to switch to bottom since all my riding has been on roads. I have since found that I want to keep the enclosure on the top for this board since I now have a bottom mount Trampa Holypro 35. I have found that the perfect size box for the batteries is this box right here. I can comfortably fit six 6s 5000mah batteries in there. I even think I can fit the esc in there but i haven’t swapped out the box yet to determine for sure.

If the esc can’t fit in the battery box I have this box for the esc to be moutned on the back in place of my 3d printed enclosure. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HZUWJJC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I have both of these boxes sitting in my man cave but i have not installed either of them as of yet.

Right on friend. Good looking out! I’m really trying to get the new focbox unity in a case with a 10s5p lithium pack. I think the bottom enclosures look nice but would look a bit awkward on top of a deck. Did you just drill holes and fill with silicone or something for your wires to run out?

Here’s what my board looks like currently. 20181024_183605-2 20181019_104441 20181023_114407

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I just drilled the holes. I never got around to putting silicone in the holes. I have 2 unites that I Preorder ed the first weekenda they had them up for sale. I should have them in hand by the first week of December.

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Man that picture just made me so happy haha. I really like that printed enclosure on the back. Well done. The box looks nice on there. So you routed your battery cable through the bottom of the deck then? Would you be able to snap a pic of the bottom for me? Thanks again, I truly and dearly appreciate it. Also, let me know how you like that unity. I ordered mine right before Halloween so I’m hoping January will be second Christmas.

20181114_091512 20181114_091536 20181114_091602 20181114_091615

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Perfect, thanks again. Is that an idea mount I spot?

I use @psychotiller’s arc v2 on my MBS deck

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12s4p 30Q flatpack


Nice!!! How tight a fit with that enclosure on a deck with no cutout?

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Nope the motor mounts are 3D printed and I found some stainless steel rods on amazon and then I tapped them to 6mm screws/bolts.

That looks great. I was looking for a little bit bigger /longer enclosure so that I would have been able to place my speed controllers in with the batteries.

Motor mount looks good. Shoot that bottom mount enclosure looks so sleek. I just fear about offroading with it. @Holyman92 you off-road much? Ps solid Lorax tat

@psychotiller it’s actually perfect, the cells fit with a small layer of craft foam (for vibration dampening) and a weather seal for cars

@ElectricCoast there is actually plenty of room for my esc I just need to find a way to actually secure it to the enclosure and shorten the battery leads, but it fits no problem with a 12s4p

@venom121212 As for off road, no I had a blow out 4 miles into the maiden ride so I haven’t got to actually test how durable it is, but I can tell u that the enclosure is solid af. I would trust it off road with proper wood inserts for mounting and locktite it should hold up no problem, the enclosure offers decent flex with the board and is thick enough to handle a good amount of abuse


Nice! Thanks for the feedback. Really trying to get a 10s5p flat pack and a focbox unity into an enclosure by @psychotiller. You mind taking a side profile photo of your board? My mbs deck has a slight curvature (nothing as bad as trampa) to it and I’m hoping yours does too.

it does indeed, I made my battery flexable


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