Mbs matrix 2 trucks

which one is recommended to buy ?. Mbs matrix.image image%20(1)

depends on your budget and taste.

both work well.

the etoxx defintly looks better and is lighter as well.


Hi bas i mean (erwin) We allready talked about this buddy

  • MBS designs, tests and builds mountain boards.

  • E-TOXX designs, tests and builds electric mountain boards.

  • Decide what you want for your electric mountain board. :slight_smile:

  • Brent designs, tests and builds slave robots with huge titties.

Choose where you want to spend your money.


/falls out of chair laughing

@DerelictRobot paid up, then?


I expect Andrew could build what I need right now with enough money.

I don’t actually need AI. In fact it sounds awful in a robot helper. A robot that thinks for itself will have me pressure washing the front drive within a month of its inception, watching me out the window and judging me when my pants drop down slightly, showing 1mm of my butt crack, as I get down on my hands and knees to individually pick the weeks out because apparently pesticides are bad for the insects that can live through a nuclear holocaust. Judging all the time, withholding the small pleasures in my life and using them as some sort of currency to ensure my compliance.

There isnt a single fucking weed on my driveway buddy. Not one.


That ! Exactly !! :+1:

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That’s good because true AI is still pure vaporware.

We currently have better automation, not thinking machines, and won’t for awhile.


I’ll build your sexbot whenever you’re ready though Brentiepoo

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