MBS Matrix II on Vugenhausen, questions?

I’ve got a MBS Comp 95 that has Matrix II trucks. I ran up on a 2012 Arbor Vugenhausen the other day that I had to have. Now I’m thinking about putting the Matrix II hardware on it, just for the hell of it. My issue is the geometry.

As I understand it the Matrix II trucks are 0 degrees. I can put some 10 degree wedges on them, have them on hand, but will that give me any turn radius? I really can’t justify the @okp risers. As bad ass as they are, they are also really expensive.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make the Matrix II trucks usable on a standard deck?

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Get several different degree risers and stack them. They’re made that way, but it can get a little weird when you have to get extra long bolts and they have to normally be installed at a slight angle in order to fit.

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Print them/have them printed out of nylon or higher shore value TPU (offered by extrudr).

I don’t like the idea of using 3d printed risers, too much of a chance of separation. I might give it a try but it 's worrisome. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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I wonder if x2 15 degree risers stacked would give me a decent turning radius?

I don’t know to be honest…but slalom skaters like using those risers and stack them, and they say it works. But I really don’t see why it shouldn’t though.

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Almost impossible to separate tpu when printed at a high temperature (250). I have tried.

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I ordered the Khiro 15 degree risers, if that doesn’t work I’ll look at printing some. I modeled some awhile back, guess I need to pull them back out :slight_smile:.

I think it may worth doing a simple version in ABS UV. I had put a lot of details on them and designed them with no compromise from a full AL7075 rock, looking at some of my wife jewels but I’m sure we can simplify them and get a cheaper version.

i’d just diy make some. either out of hardwood or alloy I would also make them longer than they need be so you can use two sets of hardware and counter sink the bolt head holes on a angle so both sets have a straight pull.

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I thought about making some out of scrap decks and using a jig to sand them to shape, but Id rather have something made for the purpose. Im working on some models now.

true. but seriously bad ass. The bad assery is really hard to ignore.

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No doubt, I just hate to spend the money when I haven’t even ridden the trucks yet :slight_smile:

Hey man…check out this guy’s thread

Towards the end he makes them out of hand cut aluminum


when i click the link all i see is…

I suck at links today

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that’s a good idea, ill see what I can come up with. thanks

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I know you already have the vugenhaisen, but The word on the street is you like to collect skateboards.

I have a Bustin YoFace double kick, that, or a similar deck would get you ~10° to start with if you screwed them to the kick tails… Then add 15° of wedging and you are in the ballpark.

If you check the next poster @paragon he has a CNC file… He may be willing to share…doesn’t hurt to ask

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Was just thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

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