MBS Matrix II Truck Motor Mounts

Hello, Im soon going on a trip and my new 8000w board was supposed to be done by now. But because the original trucks I was supposed to get from Flipsky keep getting delayed in getting stock, I decided to find new trucks for my 6384 motors. I found the MBS Matrix II Truck that I really loved but I will say kinda expensive, I also started looking for motor mounts for them but could only find one that is out of stock for quite some time, so I turn to here for help.

If you guys have any stores that sell them and are in stock or have some used ones you can ship to CANADA please comment below, help will be greatly appreciated!

Do you want a MBS board with motor mounts and 6384 motors? No attached ESC or battery at the moment but I can add them if you need

No I just need the Trucks and motor mounts

Okay, I’d rather not just have half the board

I’m confused by what your original question was

I have a rolling chassis (deck, trucks, wheels, pulleys, bindings, belts, mounts, motors) that I just sold the battery and ESC for, do you want what’s left?

Well the trucks and mounts yes if I can get some multiple pictures of them

I am interested in your roller. Send me some images and price please. Where are you located?

I ship from Delaware 19711

Edit: trucks are sold, I’ll might sell the wheels for the right price

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