MBS Metal Matrix II Trucks

You guys have been soooo patient. We appreciate it. Official release date for the “MBS Metal Matrix II” trucks is March 6th. Here’s a sneak peak for you… please don’t share outside this forum until released. Sneak%20Peak%202


Awesome decal

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Can you take preorders?


Maybe we’ll put them on mbs.com a little early for pre-order… will discuss it.


Can’t Wait!!!

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Will motor mounts for the original trucks fit?

would be great if we could get an opportunity to pre order! Guess they will be sold out pretty fast. Looks promising! definitly need a set!

@MBS they will come with the hollow shaft like the pro version or with the solid shaft?


Hollow shaft on these.

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Yes. The hanger is the same as the Matrix II and Matrix II Pro trucks we’ve been making for the past few years. Motor mounts will still fit.


Any way will be able to buy the metal baseplate only?

Edit: I know now. Yasss.


Damn, I was hoping for solid axles, is that an option?

Will you guys be selling regular matrix II with sold axle and metal top truck?

Not sure what it is or looks like, but I’m in for the Dylan Warren II pro board…

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Oh, interesting. I haven’t planned a solid axle version at this point but always happy to consider it. In the meantime, you could buy the normal Matrix II trucks (solid axle), then upgrade them with the Metal top trucks. It might cost a little more that way, but not too bad. Have you had problems with the hollow axles?

Man, it looks GOOD!!! Can’t wait to release it. Where did you get word of it?

Whoa whoa whoa… timeline?

No, these will be my first set of channel trucks.

I am always under the impression that the solid axles are stronger and more durable than hollow ones, I have nothing to back it up, and it might be wrong, just my thoughts.

I’d love to hear your professional opinions about which axle are stronger and more durable or they both are?

They probably are… but the better question is are hollow 12mm axles are strong enough… trampa use 12mm hollow too. I actually haven’t heard of any axle bending or breaking… I could be wrong

Early March release for the DWII - same as the Metal Matrix II trucks. Release video will be sick! Stay tuned.


Yea I’ve bent a trampaboard hollow alxe and I’m thinking the same solid axle…trampaboard does say solid axles are stronger

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damn… how did that happen? I run their 9.5mm titanum axle. I did have a few crashes they look like they are tiny bit off but other then that no issues yet