Mbs / superstar trampa hub sprocket Fresh cut fruit salad

predrilled hub sprockets for dual motors

Fresh cut fruit salad


Depends on what hubs you’re looking for man. I don’t know about trampa hubs but I know there’s more than one type of MBS hubs.

Great, now I want Fruit!

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But seriously, what’s going on? You want to buy, sale? Maybe you look for the design?

i already have made some with 6061 aluminium fews year ago but they were not centered and i don’t want to bother with the drilling this time btw my wheel are the rockstar ll and i have also a set of fivestars

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So you searching for some?

We would appreciate if you take the time to write as minimum a clear sentence in your thread that explain what you want…

But why you wrote than trampa in your title? They have different bolt pattern and will not fit

trampa super hub is the same pattern

sorry trampa superstar

I think he’s asking for SuperStar-compatible wheel pulleys (2).


i have found theses https://www.unikboards.com/fr/boutique/courrone-42t/ but they are backorder since a month

Are you sure? :thinking: I would say they different, but what do I know. I might be totally wrong

I would ask @okp if he plan to restock them. If no you can ask @Riako who could give you a good advice where to get some wheel sprockets as well, or @Nowind aka etoxx for sure can help you out.

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they have nice stuff but not for my budget also l want chain sprocket not pulley

I speak about sprockets all the time. To be fair if you speak about sprockets you should also add which size of sprockets you want. I mean teeth count and chain size. I assume you want to go with iso06b, hope that is correct.

And well all the people I tagged have nice stuff for a nice price. If that’s still too much you will need to drill them by your own, but that is what you don’t want :tipping_hand_man:

My 6061 grade sprocket last me about 2400km for 1/4 of the price of some high quality sold from some sellers. but if l can find a drawing of the hub patern this will help me a lot but l think l will have no choice to find a way to do it right . l will wait a little bit if can find some. Belt are nice but in the wood with all the dirt its no very reliable if a piece of wood roll in the belt will snap

I thought you already have the hubs?

Why not just to measure it out by your own. That’s not that difficult.

You could also use the search function. I know the drawings for mbs hubs are to find here. Just need some time of research. Sometimes google helps as well.

Ups … 1min first search result

Look through this thread. Should help you a lot.


Great! someone as change my title how it can happen ?