Mbs wheels wobbel?

Hi guys i have a pare of mbs 100mm wheels but they wobbel a bit i think its because of the molde line photo

littel line in the top, is this a problem or can i just leave it?

It doesn’t look like a crack in the core to me, but you may want to double-check.

Of the set of 4 MBS100 wheels that I have, only one of them spins true enough for me to mount my wheel pulley. I think it may just be the quality control (or lack of).

This seems to be getting more and more common in newer batches of these wheels… somebody might want to talk to MBS


Agreed. Mine are wobbly knobbly’s and going to have to get me some new wheels.

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Maby need to phone them then🤔

@mountainboardlover69 Try removing the inner and outer bearings. Then use a magnifying glass and a bright light to inspect the bearing compartments for cracks or deformities.

I zoomed in on your picture. To me this vertical white flash reflection looks like it could be a radial crack in the plastic.


i use mbs wheels on my mountainboard builds. yes, they wobble haha. i don think mbs built them with speed in mynd. they are built for offroad trails, which i dont notice wobble at all, but on the street anything over 15-20mph they are hella wobbly. and my boards are 30+mph boards

They all wobble even the MB’s pros aluminum wheels unless I bent them somehow

Aggreged, I have tried every possible combination of tire, rim, suspension, motor placement, weight distribution, stance lol When i comes to pneumatic tires aside from getting them balanced i have been unsuccessful in getting over 15-20 mph without the wobble.