Me and another guy wat to sell -- Another guy and I want to sell

Hi Guys. I am kind of a newb, but Me and another more seasoned esk8er, are trying to build some boards to sell, basicly an excuse to build esk8! The boards can be customized, and prices are negociatable. It you are interested, please PM me. I am in The San Francisco Bay Area, sand it would save shipping costs if you were near bye. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please consider buying.

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pics? who is this other dude? your board? time needed? price? stock?

nobody is gonna blindly hand a random dude a large amount of money to build them a board…


I’ll buy 10 boards!


I’ll give you $100. That’s 10 bucks per board.


It’s a generous offer, considering you have absolutely no idea what’s involved.


can I take that $100 instead? need 2 new vescs


I bet these guys will make you a great deal on some baddass FVT speed controllers no?

nah rumor has it they use only the highest quality helicopter escs :rofl:

nah but i’m dead serious. i have $80 in my paypal and 2 dead vescs on desk :wink:

We can get those repaired for you for 80!

can’t tell if you’re serious or not :thinking:

This is my serious face. :smirk:

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lmao well pm me if you wanna fix some vescs :wink:


Maybe first build a board and post pics and specs so people can see your work.


Uhm 28 days ago…


I’m in san Francisco. what were you going to make?

wat board you got to sell? wat price? wat is stopping you taking someones monies and moving to mexico…or turning off your laptop? just wat?


I want to buy best board, do you have a photo? I can spend $50 but rather get 2 if spending that much


At least post this after you received my VESC :joy:


Just a comment but if you are actually trying to sell something, it may be a good idea to at least read through your post and correct the basic spelling errors/grammar.

It makes it seem like you are actually serious. Js :sunglasses:


Hey mate I’ve been here for a while but I’m not very good at building things. I am looking for a board that can do about 45km/h with a range of 20km. I was thinking a 10s3p 30q pack with dual sk3 192kV motors and torqueboard 218 trucks. I don’t know about the deck and anything else tho I guess Vesc would be good, maybe maytech ones or if you can’t get those I would like to use some 200a boat escs from eBay. Do you think you could build this for me, I would be willing to pay $2000. Oh and who is the other guy building it with you?

Edit: do you think you would be able to make it friction drive? I think that would be super efficient

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