Me and another guy wat to sell -- Another guy and I want to sell

its mostly the other guy who would prefer to stay anynomous. I’m just a ghost writer!:rofl:. The idea was we would build for people who know what they want but may not have the time.

In order to be a writer, you need to be good at spelling and grammar. It’s a prerequisite for the job.

Typically nobody buys from folks who are anonymous and don’t provide photos or have any other customers.


fair enough. I will try to get photos from him by tommorow

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the more i think about it the more sjethchy this seems from your perspective. I will try to get more info

tell “the guy” that for in order to get any sort of sales, he can’t be anonymous:


ok. Will update when I get the response

Sid, Sid, Sid.

You’re going to have to close the business down. I think there are some basic things presented here that are um… outside your capabilities.


@moderator can we close this thread is getting really sketchy… look Alex kinda of s***t

I suggest that when @sid1 has more info, and the other can confirm his identity the thread could be open up again.


@sid1 please return to offers sales when you can demonstrate that you are able to reliably complete a build or two.