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Yes i always limit erpm to 60k just to be safe.

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Yeah I second this, it has almost thrown me when I’m going 1 mph next to someone walking and then accidentally lock the wheels by braking.

It is quite annoying… but bearable.

I don’t really have a choice either since for whatever reason the VESC tool refuses to do BLDC detection on my focboxes.


@Deckoz Thanks for the info! It’s sweet to have these settings summarized.

@thisguyhere I also run 12s foc sensored. Both FOCBOX’s, one is new, and one is from when they werr still called Vesc-X. Probably put 200-300 miles on the old one, but that was mostly at 8s. All in all, each has around 70 or 80 miles on 12s foc


I run the Hobbyking cheapo VESC that everyone says is crap, and I run it on 12 cell in FOC mode, sensored, ON ALL MY SETUPS! and I have never blown a HK VESC…(except when shorting phase wires mechanically and disastrously…lol)

I plugged in my 1st FOCBOX this weekend to program it for a forum member here, it smoked on the 1st test…so I installed a Hobbyking cheapo crappy older version and I literally went through the wizard, enabled FOC, sensors, did the tests, saved and rode it…

I am beginning to think there’s some silly marketing going on or things out of spec…and this cheap crap everyone hates from Hobbyking is the most robust stuff I have used yet, and I spent thousands acquiring examples of everything to test…so I’m not just saying this because it’s what I use or bought 1st, but I’m speaking from experience…I have never used BDLC mode on any vesc, because I have never had too and nothing ever smoked, till I plugged in a FOCBOX…I thought the FOCBOX was suppose to handle more power and be more robust? I’m not trying to be negative or trash anything, but the people who all run around saying this or that, I find to be wrong, from experience earned with my own hands and thousands of miles of testing…take it or leave it…


And I thought I was the only one that wanted FOC solely because feeling-bad about the noise in the hallway leading to the elevators. Outside, I don’t give a hoot.

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What about FOC mode on 10s with the focbox ?

i think 10s is the sweet spot, meaning it’s been shown to be more unstable at higher voltages.

but considering the responses above, there doesn’t seem to be any solid consensus on idea FOC setups.

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This is really interesting. I’m curious how many others have encountered something similar?

I’ve also run FOC unsensored at 10S on a TB vesc and no problems, in fact the TB complete boards came 12S FOC stock and my brother’s has been fine and is a rocket.

I tried it 12S FOC with focboxes, but I missed the electric motor sound. Honestly I love that high pitched whine and it lets pedestrians know I’m coming (that is if they’re paying attention at all). So i guess I prefer BLDC


How woul you describe performance differences between FOC and BLDC?

I run 12s FOC no problems with FOCBOX and i weigh 1/8th of a metric fuck-tonne.

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FOC and BLDC both pull hard… Almost the same. But top speed of FOC is a few mph slower then BLDC.

FOC is significantly smoother transitions of throttle. And quieter.

So for making a top speed test etc you’d go bldc but for normal cruising Going foc right? could changing them around increase Odds for error significantly?

Edit: Oh no I’m asking noob questions again :joy:

I wouldn’t be bothered to change modes because it changes the feel of the board.

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I wan’t that Vrum Vrum! but I need to fly under the radar :joy: I need something load and then quite on the press of a button any ideas?

Changing from one to another mode Needs a restart. So if you push your button you will have to wait 3 seconds before you can go on with your ride…

Maybe just build two boards? One to pose and one stealthy?

You can use @Ackmaniac’s firmware/app to switch between FOC/BLDC on your phone. You just need a bluetooth module. :wink:

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Please tell me how you can do that on the android app?

I know that i can Change modes which means different throttle curves and different max values (amp, Volt, …) but i did not find anything about changing from bldc<->foc on the fly

Wow guys Never thought that would be possible Thanks for the Input @SeanHacker and @DeathCookies Because once I’d get out of my neighborhood and be near a straight stretch of clear road I’d like bldc.

IMHO that just sounds silly… maybe because i am not a poser and want to drive the board instead of Hearing it. The drawback of loud Motors is that you overhear Problems with your board. You can easily overhear some rattling which indicates Trouble never the less…

Just to put it in a nutshell: I will not go back to BLDC anytime soon, because:

  • you hear a lot more without loud Motors
  • you have a much smoother startup
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