Me this weekend - and discussions about other things

hearing about burned up drvs on foc has always kept me using bldc but felt like living on the edge, this is me now


does more torque and quieter operation sound awesome? yes. do i want to risk my hardware? eeeeeehhh

Now that ollin is done making vescs, is there any VESC that can reliably do 12s FOC?

not sure about more torque but the quiet operation is pretty awesome.

snuck on my girlfriend inside the apartment, she had no idea what hit her.

did it mainly because there’s a long corridor leading to the elevators in my building, and i felt bad about the whining noise.

i mean, enertion runs their R2 on foc using focbox so take that for what it’s worth


yeah but ERPM on those hubs is lower than on my 15:40 “190kv” (remind me to test this for LHB this weekend) belt drive

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haha Love it

@pennyboard All my boards run 12s FOC with Focboxes


good to know. I’m sweating since I was planning on 12s FOC the dual 6374 build

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2 boards FOC sensored on 13s here… 10+ on FOC sensored 12s. And 10+ on FOC sensored 10s…

FOC yourself across the stars… It’s worth it


limiting erpm at 60k tho, and turned switching freq to 18khz. i have no idea if that’ll preserve anything any better but voodoo doll whispered it into my ears.

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dope, any tuning hints?

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There’s no such thing as erpm limit in FOC


oh…well then there you go.

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But yea I setup as 25khz on all 190kv motors and 30khz on 170kv motors.

Lower switching frequentcy can induce some cogging.

I got my focbox From group buy and I Don’t know how returns work if Foc Focs it up.

But tell me is running foc Uncensored 2kw keda 190kv motor 9s lipos safe?

Don’t see why it wouldn’t. The boards I’ve buiilt and help setup are mixed between 2.54 and 3.100 ack firmware. Both are solid in FOC

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I will use new vesc tool and use the handy firmware update that comes with the tool.

i see, vedder in his video said at 40khz mosfets and drv switching would require more current which means more heat so i though the opposite would be better.

i need to tune it some more tho because getting wheel lock at low speed braking. would you still use the “Max ERPM at Full Brake” to tune this?

So that is accurate. More current will be used but it’s negilgible from what I have seen. I use the switching frequency to tune the smoothness of the torque.

Anyway FOC has a weird behavior that it likes to not hold position when fully braked and standing still and under 3mph it quickly ramps to full brake.

For FOC you’ve gotta use the current values to tune braking. Motor min for high speed braking force, batt min for lowspeed braking force. But I’ve never been able to “fix it” completely. So I’ve just gotten used to progressively releasing brake around 3mph and putting my foot down.

Once you figure out where the full brake point is your thumb will get used to do a progressive release so you can stop without it wheel locking…


that’s great advice, thank you.

gonna F with it tonight, tighten it up.

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My board is on FOCBOX’s and running 12S, 190kv sensored. Observing the graphs in the VESC Tool, the erpms max out at around 54k. So I feel plenty safe, especially considering that is like 34 mph which I will probably never hit.

These are TB motors, so they probably are around 180 or 170kv in the end.