MEB Dirty Dervish | 12S Stealth Battery | Twin ESC | Hub Motor


##Hey eSk8!

Just making this post to show you guys some new products I’m testing out!

This is a New 12S Battery 5200mAh… Pre-Order Today! I’m getting about 15-16 miles on Dual motors and much higher on single drives!

I will but posting videos later once they render and upload!

This is the build!

(Not the prettiest, but works for testing!)

Also “Future” Oriol Here: I had to move the electronics over to the Bhangra as the Hub Motors Failed while riding. The Urethane just came off.

Still had 20% left on battery after this run!

can you show us the inside guts of the battery?

Not currently. It’s my only test pack. I Don’t want to take it all apart until I’ve finished testing or it fails during the testing. Setup is 12S2P 18650 Cells. Slim BMS. Has a 50amp cut off built in to protect batteries as well as over/under charge protection.

So its a 50amp BMS? I thought we needed 100+.

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Nope, your amp pull on 12S is not that high.

Average amp draw on most boards is about 5amps. If your board is hitting 100+amps its only in burst for probably less than a second or two. anything longer would drain your battery too fast and your rides would one be seconds long. And it’s happening because you are probably not kicking off your board on un-sensored motors and trying to start from a dead stop, going up a very steep hill, or trying to break a world record speed. :sweat_smile:

so whenever the batteries burst to 100amps, will it shutoff the BMS causing me to faceplant or is there a delay?

Haha no, no faceplants! It’s just cut off and cruise. you just have to accelerate again.

For a 2P setup is it even safe to pull 50 amps? Enertion’s Space cell has a 40A fuse and that is 3P.

Space Cell does have a 40amp fuse but it’s rated for 60amps. If you want you could add a 40amp fuse to this battery with that little fuse holder casing, but so far no issues while using the 50amp built in cut off.

so have you ever had the BMS cut out on you? sorry for the stupid questions

Yup, accelerating uphill on hubs. but again I just have to accelerate again, it doesn’t cut off the battery completely. It just stops it from going over 50amps

Is the battery going to be the new substitute of the 12s complete?

Yup! This is going to be my main battery for complete and kits. it’s the best size for almost all longboards! Also fits great on the top half of loaded vanguards so all other electronics can go on the bottom half. and you keep the flex

looks like a really nice size whats the total weight of that 12s pac?

those hubs look like the ones TB is getting soon.

15-16 miles?? That’s crazy! How did you get it so high at 5200mah?

@Bender The Pack is a great size and it’s about 3lb

@delta_19 They are very similar to TB new Hub Motor. But I can’t be certain. I talked to the company and they said these motors had an updated 30mm stator which I think is the the same as TB. However the thread lock used by the company is terrible if they even used any. the screws came off while riding causing the urethane to almost come off the wheel. I’m by new screws and using my own thread lock to test again eventually.

@link5505 The mAh consumption is much lower on 12S so you can get some very long rides.

I kinda forgot about using 12S since everyone kinda started using 10S packs. I might as well do a 12S build since with more volts it draws less amps, if I am not mistaken.

Holy shit I completely overlooked that aspect when planning! Extremely excited for my build now.

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Looking at his screen shot though, he was not going too fast anyways. I think most people like to go around 20 mph.