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##Hey eSk8!

Sharing a little project me and my friend have been working on for a bit! We wanted to make a Kit that you could easily install on a board or swap around boards with just a few screws. After a few designs and failed 3d prints, this has come to fit a lot of decks for a single motor board.

##What Everyone See:

##What’s inside:

##What it’s made of:

Drop Thru Deck (

Enertion Motor Mount Kit (

Motor (


Batteries (

Power Switch (

Simple Charge Port (

Small Handheld Controller (

##Lastly, Video of a Sneak Peek and Half Ride!


Very nice. I am designing an enclosure myself with roughly the same principles in mind. With the battery and motor in the rear part, does the board feel unbalanced to you? I’m leaning towards having the batteries near the front truck, and the VESC close to the motor in the rear.


@mcfly777 the board feels great when riding around. Nothing feels unbalanced. However when I pick it up and carry sideways it does feel unbalanced but I’m usually dragging it by the wheels.

Either way with an enclosure like this you could mount it in the front or middle of your board as long as your motor wires are long enough and your board isn’t flexy. We just wanted to mount it near the rear.

Thanks. If I cold get away with just one enclosure that would be better IMO. I’ll model some options.