MEB Electric Vanguard | Loaded Vanguard | CarvOn V2 Single Hub Motor | 6S | Flier ESC

That’s what “she” said


Thanks for sharing this rundown… great looking board!

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have you tried it in FOC mode ?

what happens when you charge your batteries connected in parallel and you press the on button and they are suddenly connected in series? Seems like a catastrophy is waiting to happen.

@Maxid Batteries are never in parallel, always in Series. So I charge them as 6S.

It’s Done! Finally I had some custom grip tape made with my logo! Will be posting pictures of how I hid my cables.

Custom Grip Tape W/Logo:

Cables, Still in the process will be adding more pictures as I continue:

Used Black plastidip to insulate the flat wires and keep them protected from water or anything that might get through the grip tape:

Currently waiting for it to dry. Will be finishing up after work!

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That’s just paint, or liquid tape ? Why you do not put a layer epoxy on the cables ?

@Kaly Yeah it’s liquid tape. I not a huge fan of how epoxy feels but that would work as well. Liquid tape is very thin and flexible, so it’s very nice.

I like to use the liquid tape too. But for that applicatuin epoxy will be better in case that the grip tape breaks you don’t want to short those discharge wires.

True, I might open it back up and recover it in epoxy. I’ll see how the grip tape holds up after the first ride. I wish I could see what boosted uses to protect their cables that are under the grip tape.

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My guess is. Nothing

Did you see this?

Wow dude I must have missed it this video! Would have helped before I went buying the wire and drilling into my board! Thanks for the link! They used 4 thinner flat wire, while I used 2 thicker wire. Wow mine came close enough!

Finished with the Grip Tape and it looks Perfect! Took if for a quick ride and I can barely feel the wires under the grip tape!

It was Very important to me that when I was designing this case and board I wanted to keep as much of the design as visible as I could! I took a close up picture here so you can see the Case is positioned so you can still see the name of the board and 2 out of the 3 fishes are still fully visible. The Vanguard is one of my favorite boards and thanks too boosted I was inspired to turning it electric. however I never wanted to loss the aesthetics of the board.

I will be editing the post to add these final pictures to the main post on top. I’m done building my Vanguard for now!


#Battery Upgrade! With the New Samsung 30Q Packs I decided to upgrade my 6S 5200mAh to an outstanding 6S 12000mAh!


How is the hub motor holding up?

Great! I use this board to demo people and it’s handled all different weights with no problem. I’ve had to replace the bearing on the hub wheel twice. but that takes about 10min and you’re good to go.

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