MEB Electric Vanguard | Loaded Vanguard | CarvOn V2 Single Hub Motor | 6S | Flier ESC

#Hey eSk8!

Just want to share my new build, it’s pretty much fully complete and I’ve put over 150 miles on it already. The last thing I have left is to hide the wires between battery and ESC under the grip tape but I haven’t bought flat wire to do that yet and it doesn’t bother me enough to charge it right away. I will include links to all components!

#What Everyone See:

#What’s inside:

#What it’s made of:

Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 Deck (

CarvOn Kit (

2x MultiStar 3S 5200mAh (

Flier 8S Single Motor ESC (

Small Handheld controller (

EZ 6S Charging Port (

Power Switch (

Fuel Gauge percentage readout (

3D Casing (

#Lastly, Video of a Full Ride!


Well done!! What range do you get ?

If I keep the board under 20mph i usually get anywhere from 10-12 mile range.

When I’m having fun and really pushing the throttle to hit 25-30mph I get about 7-9 mile range.

Here’s a screen shot from my last run or the video above:


How did you achieve making the enclosure like that so you have a charging port sticking out?

Those wheels are HUGE

Slick looking ride. I like your boxes and that charging plug setup. Does that really make it so you can balance charge through that single port without disconnecting anything?


Very clean! The pentagonal enclosures complement the deck shape, well done.


that esc is actually holding up?

Great video, and I definitely know that 20 mph is definitely fast enought

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I attached the port from the inside. You can see the pictures of what the case looks like from the inside and I also linked my case design on thingiverse so you can take a look there also.

@Mobutusan Thank you!

And yes the port connects to all the balance leads and the charging leads. You need to connect the charge leads in parallel to the battery to not have to disconnect anything ever.

@willpark16 Yeah! Their ESC’s are great, best ESC I’ve used so far. I have this one and a Twin motor ESC I use on another build. I do have a VESC and it’s a lot smoother on start up but it always cuts out inside my case cause of the temp.


Really nice build! Love the charging solution

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How does that VGA port hold up while charging? can it manage all the amps your squeezing in to it?

how long did it take to arrive

@Chris_KP Yes the VGA Port is great! there’s no Spark when connecting it and I’m only pushing 2amps through it. Idk how it will handle higher amp chargers but on 5000mAh battery a 2Amp charger is fine for me.

@willpark16 the Flier ESC took about 3 weeks almost the same as my batteries so it was fine cause everything pretty much came together. The Enertion VESC took about a month and a half and now I’m waiting on May’s batch to ship that i ordered back in Feb.

Nice Work love the VGA adapter, a little suspect for charging but if you don’t mind the wait it ok keep an eye on that on/off switch from flier.

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do you know if they make that port charger in 8s?

There’s a link in my thread. The board I’m selling is 8s. Read…

will that fuel gauge alarm when the batteries are too low? also will it work with a 8s 5000mah lipo

@wieg16 The fuel gauge is just a volt meter showing percentage. it’s not super accurate but it gives me a pretty good estimate of my range. and when the lipos get to low the ESC I have also has a low voltage cut off to prevent the batteries from ever getting to low.