MEB MeB | Blank Mountain board deck | Maytech AT Trucks | 12S3P | Dual FSESC 6.6

Hey All!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a build thread and though this one was worth sharing. This build was done with parts I had laying around from other projects. I still plan on painting this board in all Black theme w/ the Miami Electric Board logo, and eventually plan on changing out the trucks and wheel for something not so cheap…

One note, the XT-90 plug on the bindings is NOT a loop key (Could be used for a loop key on on other board). It is a plug to extend the range with another 12S Battery. For example, a battery backpack or a box filled with batteries to go between the bindings. These are both options I will be exploring in the future when I have a little more time for this board.

Parts List: Deck: Blank mountain board deck Trucks and Motor mounts: Maytech AT Trucks Motors: Sensored 6374 motors Battery: 12S3P Stealthpack + BMS Remote: Small Remote ESC: Dual FSESC 6.6 Bindings: Freebord bindings

3D Prints: 580mm Enclosure: Will update in a week or two Freebord binding attachment: Will update in a week or two

Pictures: Bindings 20190209_173212458_iOS 20190209_173227098_iOS

Planing cable layout 20190209_012809999_iOS

Components attached to board 20190209_053955375_iOS

Case attached 20190209_064004706_iOS

Side View 20190209_173518965_iOS

Top view 20190209_173149027_iOS

Thanks for all for the awesome support!


Really like the mod on the bindings Did you put them facing out in case of a fall?


Very nice idea with the integrated bindings :ok_hand: But i‘m also curious why you placed the bindings in the center and not on the outside. Which wires you used for the extension plug connection? They look pretty slim on the picture. image


In case you plan this be aware that the long battery wires can produce a voltage spike which could fry your esc.

How is the maytech MBS kit doing for you?

also curious on reverse bindings! have thought about this, but it wouldn’t suit my ride style.