MEB Simple Charging Port...respect

I saw the Miami Electric Boards wrote up about his Simple Charging Port Adaptor ($14.99) and was impressed. I figured it would make it easy to charge using a normal balance charger (imax b6) so i figured I’d just build one. The parts were more expensive than his price, so I said screw it and just bought his. Holy crap was I surprised. He used a VGA adaptor, on the charger side, that costs as much as his entire adaptor. It is excellent quality, easy to hook up, I have nothing bad to say about it.

The only thing I could suggest is a bezel that fits the battery side of the adapter that glues/screws to the enclosure. I only say that because I cut out for mine while I was half asleep and it looks like Helen Keller did it. Frak it, thats what epoxy filer is for :slight_smile:.

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I second pretty much everything here… Had problems with the first one that I bought and another one was sent free of charge within the week. It works perfectly, and is a great one charge solution. Definitely would recommend for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the time with all of the balance cables or a bms.

I made one my self and could fit in the charging and balancing cables for 12S. But I couldn’t find a cover jet to protect it from water.