Mechanical Brake - board Rat - Disc Brakes *Kickstarter*

Hi eSk8 Builders, I’m the founder of Brakeboard Australia. I seen that there has been some interest in my brakes on this forum. I hope I’m not breaking rules by posting.

I just want to let you all know we are currently having a Kickstarter for our latest brake design. It’s called the Rat. 150mm wide disc brakes. Check it out here:

Thank you for your support. Ben

neat idea i like it a lot but our boards have built in brakes already.

Id still like a pair of those longboard ones to try them. but it looks like the cheapest option is 249 dollars.

no way to just buy one truck with the brakes ?

do the pads wear out?

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I am not sure if this post were allowed as you’re new user and as I recall only level 2 member could do that, not sure about the rules anymore. Anyway its cool to have a mechanical brakes on top of the electrical brake but this is quite pricey especially for longboards 249. The trucks its self normally cost about avg 80 usd this is 4x the amount. I would give this a go if i use cheap ass boat / car esc / hv esc as mechanical brake are nicer compared to those on cheap esc, but the price kinda hit the limit atm.

If it cost about 150 usd, for sure its a pretty nice bargain for some here. I would probably consider buying but not now atm.

Hi barajabali, The cheapest option is $79 USD for the 150mm brakes and $99 for the complete board. The price on the Kickstarter are in Australian dollars.

I hope they don’t mind. The new trucks are only $79 USD. The Complete $99. (limited number though) You will have to pay some shipping though, becasue these prices are at my cost for manufacture and tooling.

Please see:

This does apply to you mate

really cool idea. But for us eboarders, motors act as brakes. Now… Create hub motors on with these, and you might hae something. Honestly, if you plan on going high speeds, trusting the motor to stop you isn’t the safest in the long run. Mechanical braking would be better safer, but again, it would be tricky to use these with an electric skateboard, unless you create hub motors for these. You would probably also need to create (or at least write your own firmware for) a speed controller. Pulling the brake would have to not engage the motor and instead, engage the disk brake. So the disc brake would probably need some other tiny motor to activate the brakes, controlled by the speed controller. Would be awesome, but again, would likely need to be something done by you @Brakeboard.

Now, if you could invest into the electric skateboard aspects, I bet you could utilize most of your 17 years of research and design into an electric skateboard speed controller/disc braking system that engages the disc brake, instead of the motor to slow you down. But you would have to do a lot more to make this usable for electric skateboards.

I think if you did invest into making these usable on electric skateboards, you could completely change electric skateboards as we know them. There’s a reason electric cars don’t rely on motors to stop the car, and part of it has to do with safety.

In the end, I do envision a time in the not so distance future where the dmv’s of the world create a category of e-boards that require registration, but are capable of high speeds (45 mph+), and dealing with shitty road conditions at those speeds. Yes, some have already done that, but would you trust them on shitty roads like you do a motorcycle or moped? I know I don’t, and would only ride current eboards at those speeds on perfect roads.

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I think some large geared servos could work for this.

As the disc of my brake system is fixed to the hub of the wheel. The outer rim can act as a drive point. I’ll endeavour to do more work on drive systems with my brakes.


Again, you’ll have to work out some way of having the speed controller use the disk brake instead of the motor. That could only happen if you write your own firmware for a particular speed controller (the VESC is perfect for this, since its open source and widely used right now) or make your own speed controller.

If you can leap over these hurdles, you could make something equally revolutionary for electric skateboards as this is for non motorized boards.

Engaging would make you loose your regen braking. It should work like ebike, half regen half disc brake. With hub motor combines with brake should be very awesome, but that means reworking the whole truck for this set. I have some thought about using brakeboard earlier incorporating it into my eboard build. Dual front hub motor with brake board system at the back, you’ll never fell safer! But yea I dont know if i wanted to invest for extra braking mechanism at this moment for the price point. What i mean is that if I am considering mechanical brake, I’ll go completely mountainboard build with megura brake. I am not discouraging about the brakeboard system, i think its great but the use of it within eboard is not so significant unless you need to comply with roads safety procedures, ie getting eboard legalisation.

Ben is not trying to get money directly from forum members. He is simply trying to get some exposure for his kickstarter. The transaction is occurring on another website…

So in short, Iam happy for ben to be promoting his work here…

Welcome to the forum ben… I’ve been following your work for a while… really like what you are doing…

Glad to have you on this forum…

If you are interested in putting your other products on here & directly selling to members you will need to be level 2.

Okie dokie … Your rules

Thank you for your support. I had notice on my website that I had a lot of traffic coming from here. It’s a great forum.

If anyone wants advice about component manufacturing. developing ideas or crowd funding I’m very open to help out for other board creators.

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you could always have hub motors on the front wheels and mechanical brakes on the rear wheels activated by the foot pedal in the event of a failure, or for a first hill on a full charge.

Yeah, I am not sure how it was possible for this thread to be created, the website should restrict the creation of new threads in this category to level 2 members only.

I’ll need to investigate further, until then i suppose the community needs to monitor it.

I think your brake trucks with hub motors attached would be awesome. OR just a servo activated brake!

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That’s exactly what I was thinking

Yea, that would work. I’m intreged…

I’ll 5th? that idea?

Having mechanical brakes in addition to our motor braking would be awesome.

If you get going fast enough on a steep enough hill, electrical brakes don’t do much to slow you down quickly. You also never know when a receiver is going to cut out so keeping something purely mechanical as a last resort would be huge for piece of mind/safety.

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