Mechanical Engineering Student DIY Board | Rayne Demonseed | Evolve Trucks | MBoards Battery (12s3p) | Dual Motor


Hi! My Name is Liam and Iā€™m a Mechanical Engineering student graduating in spring '23 and I grew up longboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. I saw some guy on YouTube (Casey Neistat) riding a boosted board around New York a few years ago and figured I could build my own. This current board is the 3rd generation of this project, and was designed to go at least 10 miles, feel stable at high speeds and on gravel terrain compared to my previous builds, and I wanted it to be able to have the same feeling of carving on a snowboard. When Iā€™m out of school during the summer I have spent my free time improving and riding the board to my summer jobs/ internships. I used SolidWorks and my 3D printer to model and print belt covers and cable guides. I was also able to present this project in an interview which landed me a summer internship as a Battery Engineer. LMK what you think of the build and what I can improve for next summer! Happy riding and stay safe :military_helmet:


  • Range: 8-12 miles with AT wheels, have not tested range for street wheels
  • Top Speed: 33mph (AT Wheels) w/o speed wobbles
  • Weight: 25lbs

Parts List:

Evolve Double Kingpin Trucks: TRUCK PARTS | Evolve Skateboards USA

AT Wheels:

Caguama Wheels: Orangatang Caguama Wheels 85mm | Electric Skateboard Wheels

Motor Mounts: Double Kingpin Trucks Motor Mounts (Evolve/Ownboard/Eovan) ā€“ Propulsion Boards

Speed Controller: FocBox Unity + SHIPS FROM USA ā€” MBoards

Motors: DIY Electric Skateboard Motor - 6374 180KV Brushless Motor ā€” MBoards

Battery: 12s3p P42A Battery Pack | Transparent Series ā€” MBoards

Enclosure: DIY Electric Skateboard Battery and ESC Enclosure XL ā€” MBoards

Deck: Demonseed 39" Tamale Tech Deck | Rayne Longboards

Remote: VX2 Pro DIY Electric Skateboard Remote ā€” MBoards

Belt Covers: 3d printed, will post thingiverse link once posted on there


Previous iterations:

V2: Dual Motor and ESC, 12s2p 18650 battery pack, Arbor Axis deck

V1: Single motor, esc, and 12s2p 18650 battery pack, Arbor Axis deck