Mechanical replacement part needed

Hi guys,

I need your help to get direction where to find this part. The inner bearing broke and the wheel barely turns. It comes from a Lecdec board.


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Have you tried a standard skateboard bearing? Or is it larger

Why havent you just contacted the manufacturer? they’ll probably give you one if they have warranty or you can just go ahead and buy a new one for pretty cheap.

the bearing is encapsulated in the part by the manufacturing process. I can’t fully take off and replace with a new one.

Last time when I contacted their support I waited more than one week for a remote defect. They don’t bother to answer properly and change the remote because had a defect. I can’t trust their support anymore.

It seems like the pulley enertion offers. What is the beld width? enertion just offer 9 and 12 mm i believe.

take some measurements of the hole and see if an an F608 ZZ or something similar will fit in there.

you can buy these bearings pretty cheap on amazon. I got 11 of them for $10 recently.

then if it does fit you can just sand that beaten crap down, maybe clean up the belt surface with some low speed dremmelling, and keep using it.