Mechanical servo brake

Hi guys, I have a cheap 1 motor setup with not a really great breakinh power coming from this single motor. Since acceleration and top speed are great I didn’t want to go for a dual motor setup so I tried this brake implementation.

With my weight going at 30km/h pushing the brake causes the wheel to stop immediately and giving a great stoppng power which finally gave me a great security riding my board to stop in really small spaces on cases of need.


you jumped the gun on the pic upload

Sir you are right. I reupload we them

I like your idea, i wish it was 100% mechanical. Ever since i had my board go max speed out of control i’ve been looking for a failsafe way of breaking.

If you have time pls post a video of how it work. I also have a single drive board too. I had to bail out once when I attempted to stop on a slop. I purchased a use frogstop but I have not installed it yet.

I think you will be changing a lot of wheels and that rubber

I thought @Brakeboard solved that problem. I must admit I haven’t seen anyone use their braking truck design on the front of their board.

Brakeboard is great but too much expensive, and you still have to change your foot position to brake, which in case of emergency may not be very practical.

I wanted to make something connected with the same throttle channel of my transmitter so that when I brake it automatically activates both the brake of the motor and the mechanical brake.

So I just have to brake on my transmitter and I can totally focus on maintaining the balance and avoiding the obstacle.

My solution is very cheap also, you only need a cheap 20kg servo (20€) and 6€ worth of steel and aluminium, an old bike inner tube and a couple of hours with the drill press, angle grinder, hammer, vise, files and contact cement and you are done.

I could not justify spending 500+ euros on a brakeboard truck while my overall board cost is 350€ , so I found this solution that works great for my needs :slight_smile:


Yeah I think also , but I can get four 100mm wheels for 35€ and changing the rubber is a 10 minute process. For the added security I am happy to trade a change of wheel and rubber :slight_smile:

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What happened? You lost radio signal from transmitter? You electronics went mad?

It is great someone finally made such a system on forum and it looks like u made your own version of it.

As i understand, the servo arm pulls down yhe plate and rubber at that moment, gets pushed against the wheel?

Also… do u still have motor brake enabled? Do they brake evenly or now with this mechanical brake it is enough to stop?

How do u pass the signal to servo anyways? Do u just plug another cable in receiver or what?.

Curious to find out more…

Yes the servo arm pulls down the curved plate that pushes on the wheel. The lever is designed to have a mechanical advantage of 1:3.

Motor brake is still enabled and they work wonderfully together .

The signal to servo goes through an Arduino first which filters the signal and only the braking signal goes to the servo.



if I understand well, are going to make / did you make something like this !?? :star_struck:

Maybe it already exists? Does anyone have a thread in mind? thx :v: