Meche Board| Falcon Evo | 13S5P | Dual VESC 6 | BEAST

So here is my first build, I got a lot of inspiration and help from @Deckoz. This ting is a BEAST!

It’s not fully finished i will make chages on the cables from the motors to the enclosure. And i have X braces in the making.


  • Landyachtz Falcon Evo
  • 13S5P Samsung 30Q cells
  • 2x Vedder Anti-Spark switch
  • 13S BMS Charge only
  • 2x VESC 6 ESCape
  • ESCape only dual enclosure from @LukePL
  • 2x nrf51822
  • Abec 107 flywheels
  • Bronson G3 Bearings
  • 218 Torqueboard Trucks
  • Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 96A
  • Riptide KranK Canon Bushings - Durometer : 93A
  • Riptide KranK StreetFatCone Bushings - Durometer : 93A
  • 15T 20mm
  • MetroBoard 36T CNC Press in Pulleys 20mm
  • 2x TorqueBoard 6365 Motors
  • 2x HTD5-265-20 Belt
  • Torqueboard 63mm Motor Mounts
  • Custom Evo Enclosure with help from @Minim
  • GT2B mod remote





How are the escapes holding up under 13s?