Meepo 10s2p battery connection to TB'S VESC?

Hey guys I just wanted to know if this was possible if it was a matter of just getting different connectors or something like that…?

Hey man, Are you converting a meepo to vesc? If so you will need two vesc’s and an adapter. If its a single drive board using a meepo battery then all you need to do is change either the battery or vesc to suit each other. The tb vesc has an xt90 connector and the meepo battery has the xt60. You can change the battery or the vesc but the vesc is safer. If you do change the battery connector then be sure and insulate the wire after you have cut the connector off. cut the negative, insulate it with tape and then cut the positive and insulate with tape. It can be a bit tricky sometimes soldering 10awg wire to an xt60 though. I would be more inclined to change the battery connector to an xt90 but carefully. hope that made sense :grinning:

Hey Dareno, thanks for responding!

I was thinking about it, but I was going to tack on a belt drive system. Ended up not doing it. I’m getting a kit in the mail and I’m just going to buy a new deck for it.

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