Meepo 12s2p upgrade issues

Hello! I am wondering if someone can help me. I have a Meepo V2p board and i bought a 12s2p battery from torque boards. But after installation the board turns on but thats it. The transmitter turns on and it seems to pair, but does not do anything when i oush or pull of the scroll wheel. I am wondering if i am missing something or if the ESC is programmed a certain way that does not allow it to send 12s voltage to the motors. Any helo would be much appriciated20190316_195037

I don’t think the meepo controller can do 12s. I think you killed it lol


No after i plugged the old battery back in, it works fine.

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Meepo ESC not suited for 12s. Suggest you get a 6.6 dual, Unity, or a pair of Focbox.


Thanks. Reason im confused is because others have done this mod and it workes fine.

ESC could only run 10s, 7s, and 6s. Gotta get a VESC

I think ppl that did the 12s upgrade did it with the old meepo esc. I might be wrong. The eac you have is the v2 eac that came with an enclosure.


Yes, its the ESC that came with the enclosure. And yeah i just realized the people that did this swap did it with the old ESC. Just ordered a flipsky dual 4.20 VESC

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Sorry to be the breaker of bad news but the flipsky 4.20 dual are known not to be reliable at 12s also your going to need a remote with a reciver to use with a vesc.

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Oh?! Lol i cancel the order. What would you guys recomend?

Focbox Unity or flipsky 6.6. i would recommend a unity in your case as it has an antispark built in. Or u can wait for the flipsky dual 4.20 plus to come back in stock as it is much more reliable at 12s and has a built in antispark.


It’s no longer a simple battery upgrade anymore. Battery, vesc and remote why not change hub motors to regular out runner belt gear system while you at it.

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Yeah i might as well at this point lol!


If you are looking for a remote. I just designed to and built a very dependable rc remote with built in LED light. I am taking orders now. IMG_20190315_215055


Is the battery fully charged? You might have some luck draining the battery to less than 50v.

Otherwise get the unity or two focboxes and antispark and build a loop key in there too.

What do you think if i get the flipsky 6.6 dual?

I haven’t tried it myself but others have had success with it. Same goes for the 4.12 single.

I tried the 4.20 dual and that’s a no go if you want to pull anything more than 29amps on foc.

Awesome! Thanks man! Ill make a post about how it turns out.

Hey, just buy a dual fsesc

This is what i got and i got their transmitter and reciever Screenshot_20190317-084721_Samsung%20Internet