Meepo 2*250w Trucks vs 2*500w from diyeboard

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Is there actually a difference? I know diyeboard claims they are newer but are they actually has anyone tested/compared those? I’m trying to figure out whether I should buy the components from ownboard/meepo or from diyeboard if there is actually a difference.

Thanks a lot Alessandro

Hi, if you go true the thread we discussed about it. I am also doubting about it there is a real difference since meepo ecc buy from diyeboard. Althought @ElskerShadow has the 500w ones and he got pretty decent speed up to 40Kmh while meepo hubs are know for a top speed of 25-26Kmh because limited by the ESC. @sayekim uses meepo hubs with focbox and he can not get 40Khm Based on this evidence seems there is a real different between the two. I bought the 500W ones yeasterday, so with a bit of patience I will share my tought once my built is done.


Hey Rey yeah i read through the thread but what I read there seemed more like assumptions than actual facts. :slight_smile:

Question is whether its the difference with the ESC or if they are actually different. :thinking:

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I asked Jason (diyeboard) about it but it didn’t explain me clear. Although in the cases mentioned before they are both using VESC and with meepo hub he can not get to 40Khm, while with the other one it is possible.

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