Meepo battery charger

I guys i was i china last Winter and bought with me Home a Electric skateboard but the. Battery was taken by the Beijing airport then order new battery and og Will recive it today but My charger no longer fita pga the battery was 6s the new is 10s so My qustion is Can i use whatever charger i come by or do i need somthing special

Take a photo of the bottom of the battery or the label on the battery


The new batt is 10s2p

This one

I’m assuming you’re in the USA

crappy, better, and best

The cheapest one is 1A, there are also 2A and 4A versions. You need to ensure your battery can charge at that rate. You might need to solder the correct connector on it. The 2A one is probably the best bet. Another 2A version