Meepo battery not charging

Not exactly sure what has happened. Only have had this battery for like 3 weeks but now it has randomly stopped charging? Usually the power bank indicates a green light when fully charged, and red when low batter. Won’t turn on anymore because the battery is entirely dead, but still indicates a green light when plugged in.

Might be the charger. Have you tried a different charger?

only got 1 :confused:

Or the voltage is so low the charger won’t recognize it.

Sometimes you can plug the charger into the battery first, then plug the charger into the wall. Doesn’t always work, but sometimes if a charger is failing it will buy you some time.

wouldn’t turn on, plugged it in and it’d turn back on for a few seconds then turn back off

What did Meepo say when you contacted them?

just happened today, just contacted them as making this post, but don’t expect an answer for awhile. how would I know if a charger is failing?

Open the enclosure, it’s probably a loose connection

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Yeah next thing to check would be the same Jst connector that connects the port to the battery

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have two enclosures with the ports and connectors, tried both same result

You answered your own question there without realising. Get a multi meter and test the voltage on the battery but I’m pretty sure your charger is fucked. I’ve had 2 of those same chargers go on me and they displayed the same issues that you have described.

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I mean it indicates it when its full, eh good to know its probably the charger and not the battery

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it can also be the bms, when my bms failed all my chargers were showing green when plugged in, its kinda weird

I had similar issue with my meepo, they ended up sending me a new battery and my old one started working again after some shelf time…not sure exactly what was wrong…

I would not use that battery until you understand what caused that.


Oh lol! Maybe too late now, ive been using it for about a month now its a part of a 10s6p build i have going on right now

Usually when a bms fails its pretty obvious. But yeah worth checking. I’ve had 2 go and they went pretty spectacularly. Melted shrink etc. Not something I would plug my charger into. They went riding and it was an event. Chargers failing not so much.

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when my bms failed nothing happened, i was kind of sad

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You want the flaming board beneath your feet while doing 40 mph!! Yeah!!
It’ll happen.

Give it time