Meepo battery SANYO 20700B 8.4ah average range?

I red in the forum some eboarder used meepo battery SANYO 20700B 8.4ah. I just want to know, what is your average range? What is your setup? Thanks!

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I rode about 22km once and still had a bit of juice left. Dual 6354, Focboxes, 16A max battery and 80A max motor current for each Focbox. I’m 225lbs and tall. More details in the build thread.


Thank you! I needed that informations.

Hi, I have 2 Meepo Sanyo packs and a diyeboard ESC, 6354 180kv outrunners and get awful range. Any idea why?

pics of packs? You might have to get inside the pack

I’m thinking it’s the BMS on each pack. They are rated for 15A continuous and 30A Max. Considering an 80A BMS. I do think want to open them up again, it’s a pain getting everything to fit. Just a standard Meepo Sanyo pack x 2. When I had the Meepo hub motors on this board I could go 50km+ now with the 8 inch all terrain I can go 12-15km and voltage sag. What could I do with this to make it 50% better?

Are you using this?

Did you replace the meepo esc with a belt driven one from DIYeboard?

I know AT tires get way less range than urethane but it does sound like your limited amps might be keeping you from getting to a more efficient cruising speed in a reasonable timeframe. Do you hit your top speed? How long does it take?

Here’s the ESC I’m using. You think if I get an 80A BMS my range will improve?

Yes, that’s what I’ve got.

It’s hard to say and I don’t want to steer you wrong. You can’t get any sort of useful information out of those ESC’s like Wh/per mile or current draw.