Meepo Battery Upgrade FAT GUY

Hi Everyone, I am fat - 240LBS. I am losing weight, but it is slow and I want to ride my board as far as possible. So, I want to add a battery from meepo. The board I have ordered is the sanyo one. So here is my parts list:



x2 Meepo FOAM PADS

Meepo Battery Extension Cord

Meepo Battery Enclosure

Parallel Y-Harness for Two Batteries - XT60 Connector 16AWG

BNTECHGO 12 Gauge Silicone Wire Ultra Flexible 10 Feet high temp 200 deg C 600V 12 AWG Silicone Wire 680 Strands of Tinned Copper Wire Stranded Wire Model Battery Cable Black and Red Each Color 5 ft

XT60 Male Female Connector Cable with Sheath Housing Connector with 100mm 12AWG Silicon Wire for RC Lipo Battery FPV Drone ESC (4 pcs)

Bamboo Skateboards Longboard 44" x 9.5" Pintail

So the way I take is this. Get a longer board. Run an extension cable from the ESC, maybe make my own with the 12 AWG. Splice the BMS together, use the Y parallel cable to connect the two batteries, and it is pretty much done as far as wiring goes?

Being that I am a bigger dude, 240 5’10 - I am worried about the deck. I think 44inches should be long enough, but I am worried about clearance… I would like a drop through deck, but maybe a Pintail top mount is best with my weight?. I need rigid and I worry bamboo might flex too much. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I like the bigger 12awg, should I go for that totally? Or would 14 or 16 awg be acceptable?

I have attached my crude wiring drawing. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Hey man. Nice idea that. Run it for a bit then come back and we’ll help you build a proper one. :wink: You will need at least a 44 to fit both battery cases under there and drop through is fine as long as you go rigid. I have a focbox controlled meepo and it runs an arbor drop through deck. Fine but if it had another battery case it would hit the floor under flex. Can’t see any issues with the wiring but use a minimum of 12awg for the battery link and to the esc. Those esc’s only draw 18a per motor so no problem with 12awg. Use the existing meepo battery to esc cables and either buy a parallel xt60 cable or make it to connect up the batteries.

Good old hobbyking. Good luck and let me know what range you get out of the thing.


As a fat guy, I recommend Metroboard if you’re going prebuilt and want range. They are very strong. Once you want more, you know where we are :wink:


Will do! Thank you very much for confirming things!


Funny how you drew in the chunky monkeys for this thread lol Just saw fat guy and was all over it.

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My avatar is a fat guy :rofl:


Hello, I bought this one already so I am stuck with it for a while:) I want to eventually build a beast - dual motors and everything, but I want to get some range and experience first - With this mod, I hope to get the range.


A lot of range has to do with how you ride too. It’s not strictly the machine. I can get 10 miles or 25 miles range out of the same battery, on the same route, depending on how I work the throttle.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on a drop through deck that is pretty solid? I am thinking 44inches. I know bamboo is flexy, even the blends. So maybe some sort of hardwood for less flex. I know the closeness of the trucks helps in stability and rigidity, but I need space for my batteries:)

That is good to know, I am pretty new to longboards, and I appreciate the help! I have done the skateboard route years ago, just getting my feet wet again. I just want the most range possible while I build up skill.

Absolutely true that. I ride a hilly area predominantly and only really throttle up hill. I kind of use my remote like a skier uses a ski lift.



Fellow chubster here.

Do not get a drop-through deck. Top-mount is the way to go.

Don’t let this happen to you. image

Also, the stiffer the board the better.


Something with at least 40" Nice square cut aways to maximise the space underneath and go for a dedicated downhill board because they usually have little to no flex. Some thing like a landyachtz wolf.

Pricey though. But the graphic tho mmmmm


Graphic gets covered anyway on esk8 LoL


But you know its there.


LOL OMG :smiley: I do not need this haha

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Exactly! I am just looking around at options, hmm.

Keep up the suggestions on a deck. I would 42-44 I think, and rigid for sure. Keep up the suggestions. I am open to anything really.:slight_smile:

The graphic doesn’t matter in skateboarding anyways, just for posers important hahahahaha


the bloods layer unicorn by loaded is a very long top mount, but really expensive.