Meepo /Chinese esc substitute without hubmotors

Anyone using meepo board/Chinese esc substitute without hub motors

Please share pictures and reviews would be of great help

Got one for a belt transmission. Works really well, no heat, really responsive, cheap remote but still good.

Can you share pictures…i am thinking to order one for me to test

Hi, im new to this forum, but i have been using one for about two months on a diy built board. 2x3s lipos powering it. Dual 90mm hub motors


Im charging the batteries in series. Takes about an hour.

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How is it working?

So far no problems, brakes good acceleration is smooth. For the price and ease of use. I have no complaints. 180lbs rider mostly flat roads. 16mph on 6s lipos About 9 mile range I have another coming in a few days to build a single brushless motor setup.

Where did you buy from? Ebay? Also share your setup with brushless motor

Im very new to this forum thing so i have no idea how to send any links. Sorry. Yes i purchased the esc from ebay. A store called dickyho2015 and he also has another store with more stuff called eboard-shop on evay as well. My setup is 90mm hub motors also from the same ebay seller 2x 3s batteries 5200 mah each wired in series with xt60 connectors Enclosure was made from a brownie baking pan which i purchased from amazon. Works great. 12x7x1.5 deep. And a brok volt meter also purchased from amazon.
Ill try to upload more pictures, but since im a new user. I could only upload 2 today?

This is the baking pan, as i mocked it up to the board.


This guy uses the Chinese substitute.

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Yeah i saw his video but i want to see them running without hub motor,that setup in video is just same as meepo

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Here are the pics asked + 1 video.

I will change the enclosure soon., but here are my parts :

  • Turnigy 5055 280kv
  • LiPo Zippy FlightMax 5000 mAh x 2
  • Chain drive
  • Paris truck 180
  • 83 mm Flywheels

Concerning specs :

  • 35 km/h (22mph)
  • 10+ km range
  • torque pretty good : 20% hill @ 15km/h

Nice idea of frying pan!!


I think riptide uses the dual substitute board with these motors:

Great build, looks very clean. Have you noticed any over heating of the esc?

Guys could you help me i bought an ESC from diyeboard but i can’t find any way to put the PCB on. My unit was delivered without any switch

+1 for chain drive!

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you could buy the switch from me.