Meepo/Ownboard Decks?

Hey ! Have you ever had any issues with thoses kind of Ownboard decks ?

Seems to be interesting since the foam is already there, with XT60’s and all and I have the right enclosures.

Have a nice week !

It works it’s not to flexi maybe that is a good thing if u ride 25mph. It’s a generic Loaded copy.

It’s good enough if ur new to this.

Well no i’m not this «new », I thought maybe it was a cheaper option for my dual belt than buying a vanguard and drilling it for wires .!

it’s ok I personally like stiff rocker decks with orangutan nipples and kegels this was my down hill setup i went over 40 mph and it felt stable

My friend has the complete board with this deck and it has actually a nice flex in my opinion

Which decks, ownboard or the downhill one ?

I actually already have a set of kegels on a deck that I pressed myself with the wood that I found in Ivory Coast, it ended pretty nice but just to prevent breaking it I made it thick af, I don’t have any flex at all and I miss this smooth ride feeling lol


Look at the thickness of thoses 4 layers + fiberglass !

One ownboard deck could maybe help me to have more flex, and I kinda want to keep this vanguard shape that I like a lot !

He has the ownboard one, this one:

I have ridden it and liked it a lot, I just don’t like the handle cut out in the deck.

Nice to hear it, quality looks ok and the handle don’t bother me a lot, at least i’ll have a confortable flexy deck.

This one is at 90$ with free shipping, now meepo sounds like they sell kinda the same type of deck, this one ;

I don’t care at all about the 10$ difference but have you ever had any problems with meepo deck rather than ownboard ones ?

Knowing that they are all made for 24A ESC and dual hub I just don’t wanna destroy it with my 50A belt single.

Get THE wowgo 3 deck. A friend can’t shut up how “God it feels” or maybe a Meepo NLS. They got cut outs and predrilled holes

Unfortunately wowgo seems like they don’t sell separately their deck, the meepo nls bamboo one is looking great and solid but it is way less cheaper than ownboard ones and the enclosures are different, the pré-drilled holes won’t fit my enclosures.

I think i’ll go for the ownboard one, it’s like plug and play for my electronics, foams already there and if the deck is good quality then it’s perfect.

Guys look at this also :

This is the exact same enclosure than mine but a little bit longer, and they fit a 10s 14Ah battery with Sanyo cells. This is really interesting since i’m Stuck in 8S 4,5Ah because of my so little enclosure. In the regular sized enclosure some told me that Sanyo cells won’t provide the 50A my esc need but there maybe they would ?

i like this deck it has great flex image btw its 100 dollars
this is my normal lonboar it has awesome flex 130

That must be sooo comfortable !

I also have a sector 9 drop through deck that I enjoy to ride but my enclosures touch the ground, I couldn’t even fit them with a more flexy deck. The first one looks great but i’ll have to buy foams, grip, drill the deck myself …

oh yes it is comfortable the second deck is amazin you just need some risers

as for the wowgo 3 deck yes it is nice but at that price point might as well buy a vanguard