Meepo Shipping Inquiry

Anyone ordered a meepo board or meepo battery lately? How long was shipping for you? I’m on a deadline and need to be able to make an estimate as to when I should get mine, and depending on that whether or not I order a new battery/remote entirely.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks and have a good day :slight_smile:

@diyeboard could probably help you quicker


Hi, check our site we have battery for your board, our shipping time is within 8-12days for battery stuff, and 4-7days for non-battery stuff.

Regards, Jason Email: [email protected] Store: is your ultimate source for high quality and high performance Electric Skateboard and DIY parts.


I ordered a Meepo NLS Pro almost a month ago. Still haven’t received it. I finally got a tracking number a week ago. FedEx said should be delivered today 7/30/19. Problem is that they only show a shipping label created. I called FedEx this morning to ask details. They said they never were shipped anything using that label. Meepo hasn’t responded to my email asking what’s going on. Anybody else have issues receiving their board? I’m gonna give them a day to respond before I dispute with my credit card company.

This is normal. I found somewhere on their site saying that it will usually have this status for about 2 weeks I believe. Can’t remember where I found it but found it on google.

edit: found it. not 2 weeks though

yeah, took them around 2 weeks to have my board built. (understandable as I got it on 4th of july sale).

Gave me the label that didnt really say much until it got into my port (Canada)

Took 1 week to ship which was impressive. So overall 3 weeks exactly from order to arrival

do these 6inch wheels fit the bergmeister hubs?

and do you sell the tyres seperatly?

do you have them in black?

Jason was banned from the forum for unsavory “business tactics”, so you wont be getting a response anytime soon…

Use the supplied/suggested pneumatic tires on bergmeisters, the DIY eboard wheels vibrate from being unbalanced and separate from the hub’s at speed due to expansion.

Also, this is completely unrelated to this thread.

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I too ordered a Meepo NLS Pro over a month ago - 4th July and was given a ‘Meepo Tracking Number’ :roll_eyes:. From what I can gather they haven’t even sent the board and now won’t return my emails. They are crafty in that their policy states that they can’t give refunds once the boards have been shipped! So I have asked them to clarify which shipping company they are using and have asked that if they can’t provide a tracking number from a bonafide shipping company then I’m entitled to receive the money I paid up front. There seems to be a lot of unhappy people especially in Europe where people are waiting over 2 months to receive the boards - go check out their new website with customer feedback :joy:. I don’t think they were expecting to receive this amount of bad press!

I finally received my NLS Pro. I got it last Friday. It’s a complete blast. I am a little irritated though. My board doesn’t have the Meepo logo on the bottom of the board like every video and picture show. Not a huge deal, but I’m wondering if my board was just thrown together because they have gotten so popular and are behind in production. Also, after I ordered mine, Meepo has changed the remote and ESC. Again, not a big deal because I like the NR remote. The flashlight part is awesome! Nice and bright. The new remote (as of Friday 8/3) doesn’t have that. As far as the ESC goes, I like the Hobbywing mine has. It’s perfect! The new change is something different with adjustable brakes. Since I received my board, Meepo hasn’t returned my email questioning these changes. Again, kind of irritated by that too. Word of warning…this thing is FAST!! Wear at least a helmet. I crashed yesterday going only around 20 MPH and have all kinds of road rash. I hit my head on the ground when I crashed. If I didn’t have a helmet on, it would have been much worse. Have fun when you get yours! It’s worth it.

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From paying them to ride my Meepo in far north of Sweden 27 days Meepo V2p