Meepo v3 battery or DIY battey

Hello, I am looking to make a DIY electric skateboard, I have already chosen out all of my parts. But, I cannot decide whether I should buy the v3 meepo battery or if I should make a battery myself using samsung 18650 25r batteries(10s2p). I would like to hear your thoughts about which one I should choose. Any tips to make a DIY battery would also help/recommended parts. Thanks!

if you don’t already have the spot welder and prior experience building battery you should just buy the ready made one.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was actually going to use the vruzend battery kit, do you still think it would be better to use the premade battery. As far as quality of battery do you think the DIY battery would be better?

If you have never built a battery there is a chance that you could make some errors during the assembly process, these errors may or may not have an associated cost. The cost of error needs to be factored in.

If you are purely looking for the cheapest option sometimes buying a ready made product is cheaper in the long run, even if it seems more expensive initially.

I suppose you also need to consider the value of the knowledge & experience you gain from building something, that knowledge is valuable, especially if you are a student who might be doing engineering etc. Also, if you build something, normally you also know how to fix it if it fails. So the knowledge can help you save money in the future.

Battery building is risky & not for everyone.