Mega Esk8 Wiki idea

Dear Esk8 Community, to help this and other parts of the amazing Esk8 community, would you all help to contribute to a mega wiki. This wiki would cover all the “Nooks and Cranny’s” of esk8. From the good of esk8, to the bad. If this wiki was to be created, would anyone be interested in contributing?

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there already is one and I think there is another one somewhere


I was playing with the same idea. The forum has a massive amount of information, but it’s scattered and not really easy to find sometimes. The biggest issue is that you need a few dedicated people to fill it with good information. If there is an interest I’m definitely interested in hosting it, I have a server running almost idle :stuck_out_tongue:.

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@Harrisonwms @atlasdev

The wiki I made can be changed by anyone :slight_smile: The idea was to give a basic overview for new DIY’ers and give links to more indepth posts here on the forum :slight_smile: But it’s far from complete feel free to add info :wink:

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While these wiki’s are great, there is only so much information you can fit in a post. And if you are not familiar with the forum you can easily miss it, as it’s just a post. Separating the wiki’s from the forum can give a few advantages:

  • Splitting information from conversation. This can help with initially finding a lot of information.
  • Make pages for every little topic. You want to know how hub motors specifically work? There is a wiki for that.
  • Explain in more detail. There is only so much you can put in a post. If you have a wiki you can go on endlessly into one topic
  • We can make pages with the pitfalls and delete the noobs thread. [spoiler]/s[/spoiler]
  • Not only DIY, we can also make pages about the prebuild stuff, with tips and tricks for that.
  • We can also make pages for DIY parts, giving them objective and independent information.

But on the other hand:

Sure, here’s my take keeping it short and simple.

*A Dangerous hobby inferior too almost all motes of transports so we won’t even compare it to any fuel driven devices, examples of an esk8’s inferiority vs a scooter is that it lacks a handle and mechanical back wheel brake. If you are still interested in esk8 Visit Rehab dot org and get help.

The “Mega Esk8 Wiki” would be separate from the forums, it would hold important information for noobs, to veterans. Ex: Or ex: This wiki for Esk8 would organize information for ease of access. Instead of searching through forums, click on a header on the wiki and it lists the information you need neatly! If this wiki is going to be created, it would need some people to fill it with info about Diy Esk8!


I would be very great full of you hosting it, however if there is enough interest, as you said, I will make the ball roll

this would really be a good idea!

this forum contains heaps of info but you’re gonna have to go into the mines and dig deeeeeep to find most of it.