Melbourne Riders?

Hi, I’m a Melbourne based rider that wants to find someone to help to fix up my board and go for a ride with. If you are around melbourne, pm me!

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Hey man! There’s a few dudes in Melbourne that ride esk8, but as far as I know no one really has a DIY. There’s a group of Facebook called Electric Riders Melbourne, where there are weekly group rides. I’m yet to come along to a ride but can’t wait to do it once I’ve got my board how I want it

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So you’re a melbourner yourself?

Geelong, but I’m up in Melbourne a few days a week for uni

Are you a DIY guy or know much about diy esk8ing?

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Sure do man, any particular issue I can help with?

My vesc keeps blowing, can’t find the source of why, but the drv gets blown, just don’t have any engineering background so figuring all this stuff out Ismail tedious

Alright so what are your full specs and the vesc settings?

83mm enertion power wheels

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

Enertion gear and belt

36t 9mm enertion drive hub

HobbyKing® ™HK-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver w/Rechargable Li-ion Battery

Diyelectricskateboard esc

Wait how many batteries and what config? Like are we talking 12s? BLDC or FOC?

Also those diyelectricskateboard ESCs are widely regarded as being hot garbage, I’d avoid

yeah i learned the hard way. 2x 6s in series. BLDC. basically followed this

thanks again man for looking out for a guy.

What did you have your batt max set to?

21v min 19.8v

Nah man sorry I meant the amps

You are blowing the DRV due to the max eRPM. Max should be set to 60,000 but at your 12S voltage and motor kv they would have a eRPM of 86,000 at full charge.

I have blown 1 DRV due to this issue as I had an eRPM of 68,000.

I am also in Melbourne. SE. Glen Waverley are.


Yeah this bloke knows what’s up

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Just to clarify, do you mean you set your battery up as 6s2p or 12s1p?

2x 6s in series means 12s1p but if you meant 2x 6s in parallel that would be 6s2p.

with 6s2p you should be no where near the eRPM limit so that wouldn’t cause the issue with your DRV.

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Yo if you still do this kind of stuff, could definitely use your help and meeting up would be great, thanks. And also i mean i have 2 6s batteries connected in series. 12s 1p

Yeah 245kv is way too high for 12S, I’ve got 190 and that would be the max when using a 4.12 vesc

so how should i fix this problem