Melbourne Riders?

If money isn’t an issue then get a Flipsky FSESC6.6

wheewwwwww i mean damn i thought i was covered but thats pretty expensive ngl, what other options do i have

Either lower kV motors, lower voltage battery

Also do you have a single or dual motor setup? You can get a FSESC6.6 on eBay for $200aud

hmm ok single motor

Yeah my recommendation would be the FSESC 6.6 then especially cos it will work without issues (probably) and will allow you to use FOC as well

Just gonna put this out there but if you need a cheaper solution, get a 190kv keda motor from HK, limit the vesc to 58k erpm (just to be extra safe) and you’ll be riding in no time. I have two of the smaller versions running on 12s with TB vescs and it works perfectly.

Edit: that is assuming you have a working vesc

Edit 2: An even cheap solution is to just limit the erpm and keep the same motor you have now, should work fine. It will be a little more inefficient but that won’t stop it from working

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Like @pat.speed said the cheapest way is to limit the erpm.

If you are very new and need help with the BLDC tool. If you go to the video you linked that you followed at the 1 minute mark it shows on the video the part of the screen with the eRPM. the erpm limit box is ticked which should be left ticked and then in the boxes change min erpm to -58000 and the max erpm to 58000.

I would also change your volatge settings to 12s as with the current voltage settings you would kill your batteries if you allowed them to get that low.

Cheers, Patrick

Edit: Just to give you an idea. I am running my board at 9s (i have 6 3s 5000mah LiPo’s with 9s2p). I have 2x 260kv 6354 motors running on the Flipsky 4.2 dual. So the erpm is 68000 but I limit the erpm to 60000 and with a 12t pulley on the motors and a 40t pulley on the 83mm wheels i get a top speed of ~40kmh. I have never hit the top speed as I get to 30kph and chicken out according to the GPS.

IMG_20181005_233246 IMG_20181005_233317 IMG_20181005_233329

I’ve got 2 more builds that I am planning. Another 9s (still deciding on batteries whether liion or lipo) with 2x 270kv 5060 motors and 2 HK SK8 VESCs. Will be running on 12t and 40t pulleys on 83mm wheels. I have all these parts (other than the batteries) sitting around and a spare deck which I will use.

The other build will be 10s with 2x 190kv 6364 running on 6" pneumatic wheels. haven’t decided on the other parts yet.

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i’m based in Melbourne and this exact thing happened to me but my vesc went too. waiting on my 190kv motor clearing customs then should be up and running :slight_smile:

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hey so can i use a vesc like this ? because its a bit more in my price range

Sure can, just don’t use FOC, only BLDC. I have blown one of those ones using 12S FOC, which was 100% my fault

alrighty sounds good thanks man

Title: Melbourne Riders?

Lives in city Lincoln UK On street Melbourne Way :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Ugh that sucks, sure there are riders around your spot. Just ask like i did!!

ive Only ever seen one other person with one. It’s sad but at the same time it’s a nice ‘we are a rare breed’ feel to it.

Yeah, a wholesome feeling

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Hey, The new vesc came in! What do you recommend for a tutorial on how to set up the FSESC 6.6 (I dont want to break it this time haha)

Just use the tutorial on the vesc website, that’s what I used

alright thanks what tool should I use

Just the most recent version of vesc-tool will be fine